Comfort in Corporate Culture

Comfort in Corporate Culture

Company culture may be a business buzzword. But the relationships among employees, teams, and customers are very real—and very human. 

They need care, too.

With pressures and stresses that continue to evolve in so many workplaces, we’ve found inspiration in the way many companies are reaching out to their employees and to their clientele. Here are three of the lessons we’re embracing now:

1. Stress needs to be seen.

Rapid-fire changes to everyday life are unsettling to say the least. And while you may not be able to answer what’s next, you can empathize with someone’s sense of imbalance. Simply acknowledging that times are tough can make all the difference to someone’s day.

Kudos to K-1 Investment Management for the aspirational thoughts sent to their investment team:

Courage is resistance to fear, the mastery of fear, not the absence of fear.”
—Mark Twain

We have a choice not to let what’s going on swallow you up. Please try to keep your head up during these difficult times.
Your K1 Fam

Caring advice we all could use.

2. Make new routines less rough.

A quick transition to work-at-home schedules is hard on everyone: families, co-workers, support teams, resources. We’ve seen employers come to the rescue by taking over one daily need everyone has—a good, comforting meal.

It’s a kind gesture. Grocery store lines are out the doors and shelves picked over. Having food delivered to the home is less about social distancing as it is about bringing relationships closer together. We applaud the many companies watching out for their employees in this way and so many more. One organization sent 400 meals to its workforce this week. 

Thank you. You inspire us.

3. Isolation isn’t the end.

Hunkering down might sound good for a weekend. But it’s a lonely business, even with digital connections to the outside world. People need emotional contact. And when it can’t be done in person, it can still be passed along heart to heart.

We can’t begin to list all the personal wishes and inside jokes that are making people smile a little more this week. But we can share these feel-good messages and moments:

  • A wealth management company who is sending care packages to their elderly clients, just to wish them well during this stressful time.
  • This message: “B, here’s a little meal to get you through the day. I am so grateful to have you on my team! Take good care of yourself.”
  • “This package will be good for your soul and your stomach. Be well.”
  • “Chad, Your friends at NPPS are all sending you our positive energy for a speedy recovery to get better! Be well and see you soon! James”
  • “One less meal to think about. Thanks for being such a great colleague! Stay safe”
  • “Christine, you’re a rock star! Thanks for all of your hard work keeping people safe and healthy. Enjoy a hot meal on us.”

Company culture is just a subset of human culture. And we’re all in it together. 

We are grateful for the trust so many organizations and individuals put in Spoonful of Comfort. We remain committed to delivering the kind of care you would yourself. Thanks to all who support small businesses like ours and who continue to spread comfort throughout our communities.