Connecting With Loved Ones Who Are Far Away

Making the Connection

How to resist the temptation to break the lines of communication?

Many of my siblings have recently moved across country; and I miss them terribly. So the question I find myself asking is: How do I stay connected with family who live far away? Many families are still able to maintain long-distance relationships despite yearly job transfers and different zip codes.

Here's How:

Make frequent phone calls:

Plan short, frequent telephone conversations with loved ones.


Many video chat programs such as Skype are available for free. We can’t always be close enough to put our arms around each other, but thanks to technology, we can always be there. Video calling through Skype and others programs provides fantastic ways to chat with relatives.

Start a blog:

Blogger is a free blog-creation platform. Maintaining a blog is an easy way to provide stories and pictures for family and friends who live far away. Post pictures, stories, family events and celebrations. Blogging lets you stay up to date with the important people in your life.

Send care packages:

As time and your budget allow, prepare gift packages for loved ones who live far away. Customize and create your own care package, or if you don’t have much time, send a care package to somebody’s home. Spoonful of Comfort care packages help show your concern and love while giving someone something meaningful they can use.

Whatever the situation, resist the temptation to break the lines of communication. Initiate connection even when it may be hard or when you feel out of the loop. Pulling back will only add to the miles between you. Though you may have loved ones far away, you can still stay connected and develop long-lasting relationships.

How do you stay connected with relatives who live far away?