Cooking for Comfort: Yummy Homemade Pasta Recipe

Homemade Pasta Recipe

I love pasta. You love pasta. We all love pasta. For this week’s comfort food recipe, we go over making homemade pasta. After all, fresh pasta is the best pasta.


All you need is six eggs and six cups of all-purpose flour, more or less depending on the batch size you desire.


  1. Pile up your flour into a mixing bowl and crack your eggs in, too. Use a whisk or mixer to beat the eggs and stir the mix in. Continue mixing until the blend becomes smooth.
  2. Knead the mixture until it is malleable. If needed, add more dough to achieve desired texture or thickness.
  3. Split the dough into two or three sections for better settling. Put the dough into bowls or plastic wrap for thirty minutes.
  4. After brief settling, roll each of the three dough sections out one at a time. Roll one until thing, then cut or slice through a pasta machine. Then, continue to the next of the three sections of dough. Repeat. 

    Your noodles are then ready to be cooked or mixed in with your favorite recipe. Enjoy!