Best Corporate Baby Gifts Ideas for Both Boys and Girls

Corporate Baby Gifts Ideas for Both Boys and Girls

Adding a new child to the family is a significant milestone in anyone’s life. Welcoming a baby leaves new parents feeling excited—and exhausted. It’s a great time to offer support and comfort to the family. As an employer, you want to celebrate important moments for your employees and clients, to congratulate them, and to demonstrate your support throughout this big change in their life.

One of the best ways to show your support when employees or clients add a new baby to the family is with corporate baby gifts. Congratulations gifts for new parents, such as corporate baby gift baskets, can strengthen the relationship between your company and your employees. The company becomes more than a faceless corporation, but rather an organization of people who really care about the people they work with. As your employee or client adjusts to their new role as a parent, they know they have the support and respect of an employer who cares. 

Say a Heartfelt Congratulations

Corporate baby gifts from the company don’t need to be stale or boring. The best baby gifts for clients or employees are those that are thoughtful, helpful, and have a warm, comforting touch. They show your appreciation and offer congratulations, and are personal while being appropriate for a corporate and professional relationship. Meaningful maternity/paternity leave gifts will boost morale and make your employee feel more excited and peaceful about returning to a supportive company after completing their parental leave.

It’s best to offer a gift that works well for babies—and parents—of both genders. If you’re looking for options for corporate baby gifts, consider these ideas:

Gifts Ideas for the Baby

You might choose to provide a gift for the baby, whether it is a baby boy or a baby girl. Parents love getting gifts they can use to care for and nurture their new baby. These baby gifts provide needed supplies to the family and show your business welcomes the newest member of the company’s extended family. The best corporate baby gift ideas that focus on the baby might include:

Baby Layette Set

A layette is a set of clothing for a new baby. Babies are notorious for needing a change of clothes at any time, so keeping plenty of onesies, pants, and pajamas in the rotation is essential for parents. Plus, baby clothes are so cute and a favorite congratulations gift for new parents. You can find layettes for girls, boys, or in neutral patterns. 

Baby Blankets

Baby blankets, swaddles, and receiving blankets are another must-have item for babies and one that parents need to have plenty of, no matter the season. Burp cloths are another great option.

Branded Baby Gear

What better way to welcome a baby to the corporate family than a company-branded baby onesie, hat, booties, or blanket? Parents will love taking pictures of their little one wearing gear from mommy’s or daddy’s company, and they will feel connected to their relationship with their employer during parental leave.

Gift Cards for Baby Supplies 

Gift cards may seem a little impersonal when you’re trying to express congratulations and strengthen a relationship. But babies come with so many expenses, and new parents may find themselves missing a baby item or quickly running out of formula and diapers. They may put the money toward a bigger item, such as a stroller or crib. A gift card can be very well received, sending the message that you care and want to offer support where it is needed.

Bathtime Gift Baskets

A corporate baby gift basket is a fun idea for new parents. Bathtime is a fun theme for a gift basket, which can include lotion and baby wash to pamper the new baby and help parents feel comfortable about taking care of their little one’s sensitive skin. Consider throwing in a tiny bathrobe or towel and yellow ducky for good measure.

Picture Books

Parents are dedicated to nurturing their children’s development and will appreciate a gift that helps them start a great library of books. Giving picture and board books will support a strong relationship between parent and child for years to come. Consider gifting the family a book subscription box.

Gifts for the Parents

New parents love gifts that are meant for the baby. But, in these days of feeling worn out and constantly at the mercy of a tiny and merciless (but very cute) little human, they definitely will appreciate a little something for themselves. Parents are often overlooked in all the excitement over welcoming a baby. Try these baby gifts from the company meant specifically to support the parents:

Spa Day

Self-care is hard to come by for any parent, especially a new one. Send gift cards to a local spa to give employees an excuse to spend some time for themselves. Or encourage a spa day at home with a corporate baby gift basket filled with self-care products.

Date Night Gift Basket

New parents aren’t getting much time out on the town—it’s hard to make it to a nice dinner or movie with a newborn in tow, and some parents don’t feel comfortable leaving a tiny baby with a sitter. Bring the date night to them, in a basket: Gift cards for online movie rentals, drinks, popcorn, chocolate, and restaurant delivery service gift cards can help new parents spend some time together at home. 

Dinner in a Box

If there’s one thing new parents love, it’s a delicious and comforting meal they don’t have to prepare. Spoonful of Comfort has a New Parent Care Package perfect for corporate baby gifts. Soup, rolls, and cookies, plus a personalized note and custom packaging, make for a memorable new parent gift. To make your corporate baby gift giving even easier, sign up for a corporate giving account—you can order sample products and make bulk orders at a discount.

Find the Perfect Baby Gift for Employees and Clients

When a new baby joins the family, it’s a turning point in the lives of your clients and employees. During this special time, parents value the help they receive, and you can strengthen relationships by offering support and well wishes. A thoughtful baby gift will be appreciated and meaningful to any new parent.

If you’re interested in making it simple to provide meaningful baby gifts to clients and employees, visit our corporate bulk ordering page to pick a memorable gift for company clients, employees, partners, and executives.