Creative Ideas for Gluten-Free Gift Baskets

Gift Baskets

A gourmet gift basket is a simple (but thoughtful) way to show someone you care. But what about the people in your life with special dietary restrictions who can't enjoy a basket full of cookies or crackers? Fortunately, you can still find convenient gift baskets that are safe for these dietary restrictions.  

Here are some fun and creative ideas for gluten-free gourmet gift baskets to make your loved one’s day happier (and healthy).

Popular Gluten-Free Options for Gourmet Gift Baskets

Gluten seems to be in everything, from popular snacks to favorite cookie selections. Even candied fruit can contain gluten! In short, anything made with wheat or wheat products is not gluten-free and should not be given to anyone on a gluten-free diet.  

But if you look hard enough, you'll find that there are plenty of gourmet gift baskets specifically designed to be gluten-free. Others just happen to be gluten-free but may not be marketed as such. 


Wine is not only a great gift, it's also naturally gluten-free. Be careful to check every ingredient, though. Some wines with extra additives or flavorings may have a small amount of gluten. To play things safe, look for a "gluten-free" tag on the wine bottles or on the gift basket itself.  


A basket containing coffee is another type of gluten-free gift basket practically anyone would love to receive. Coffee is naturally gluten-free, so you can give it to anyone on your gift list with a gluten allergy. As long as no fillers or other ingredients are added, you're safe with gifting a coffee-themed gift basket. 

Gluten-Free Snacks

Nothing says "Happy Birthday," "Happy Mother's Day," or "Happy Any Day!" like tasty snacks! These days, there are more gluten-free snack options like chips, crackers, and even gluten-free pasta than there used to be. Gluten-free snacks are always free from wheat, but they may not be low in sugar. Keep that in mind if you're purchasing a gourmet gift basket for someone who strictly eats healthy foods. There are healthy snack options that are both gluten-free and sugar-free. When in doubt, always check the nutritional information on the packaging.  

Gluten-Free Treats

If you're sending gluten-free gourmet gift baskets to people who love sweets, you're in luck. From mouth-watering chocolate chip cookies to brownies and cake mixes, there are plenty of tasty treats that don't contain gluten. These types of desserts are made with gluten-free flour, so they are perfectly safe for someone who can't (or chooses not to) indulge in gluten. Pure chocolate bars are also naturally gluten-free. Just be aware that many types of commercial chocolate products contain added ingredients that contain gluten. If you want to gift gluten-free chocolate, make sure it is labeled as such.  

Not all gluten-free treats are created equal in terms of flavor. To make sure you're getting tasty options for your gift box, check out customer reviews first. That way, you can skip over items that may not be very tasty and choose only the most delicious selections for your gift recipient.  

Fruit and Nuts

Fruit and nuts are naturally gluten-free. They're also free from dairy and are perfectly fine for many other strict diets (such as vegan and vegetarian diets). To add bulk to your gluten-free basket, include things like peanuts, almonds, bananas, and other fruit options that don't require refrigeration.  

These types of baskets are also ideal for your corporate gifting needs. It can be hard to know the dietary restrictions of all of your employees, which makes it challenging to select corporate gifts. But a gluten-free gift box full of wine, gluten-free snacks, and related products is the perfect gift because virtually everyone can enjoy it. 

Making a Gluten-Free Gift Basket on a Budget

If you're trying to create your own gluten-free basket on a budget, select naturally gluten-free foods (such as nuts and fruits) whenever possible. There are also non-edible gluten-free gifts that can add variety to your basket without draining your savings.  

How Spoonful of Comfort Can Help

Spoonful of Comfort offers several gluten-free packages, all guaranteed to be delicious and satisfying. You can even add a personal touch with a card containing a personal note from you. Spoonful of Comfort will include the card in the gift box and ship it right to your loved one’s door.

For any occasion or for no reason at all, our gourmet gift baskets make a wonderful, thoughtful and healthy gift.