Cute Bowls and Spoons

Soup Bowls and Spoons

At Spoonful of Comfort, we love anything soup related; from fresh, natural ingredients, to loving attention during preparation. Furthermore, eating soup is a sensory experience.

First, you eat with your eyes, and then the senses follow. Feasting on your favorite soup in a fanciful, edible, or one-of-a-kind soup bowl seems to bring eating to the next level. Here is a list of some of our favorite soup bowls that are soup-er for spring.

Edible soup bowls

How could you resist finishing off your favorite soup and at the same time eating the container?


While we are at it, why not include spoons that can be eaten as well!


Soup and cracker bowls

Having crackers as a sidekick to your soup maximizes the eating experience. Convenience + good food = happiness.


Handmade stoneware

When you want custom bowls, why not make your own? Handmade stoneware is functional and fun.


From simplistic to the exotic, unconfined to oval shapes, soup bowls come in different forms and sizes. As each person prefers different tastes and textures for their soup, so does her or his preference for bowls. Being creative with your bowls will add to the sensory experience of eating soup. Fill your mind with creative thoughts, and your tummy with delicious soup. Cheers!