Don’t Miss Spoonful of Comfort's Gifts on Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday Comfort's Gifts

Three days after brick and mortar stores celebrate with the popular Black Friday sale, online shops and stores open their biggest sale of the year, too, Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday highlights deals specific to the internet. And, of course, we at Spoonful of Comfort are also preparing some special deals for everyone. As you await all of the upcoming deals from your favorite website, here are some handy tips to keep your online shopping experience safe.

1. Buy Only from Trusted Sites

Pay attention to domain names and how legitimate a website looks. Keep an eye out for tricky websites that look 90% like the real thing. If something looks weird, like a misspelling in the website’s domain name (i.e. instead of, it could be a spoof website looking to steal your information. Use discretion in shopping from websites that are new to you to avoid scammers.

2. Avoid Suspicious Email Links

Scammers know that a lot of shopping happens over Cyber Monday, so they try and interject themselves into the middle of the transactions. Some scammer will send out emails with a bogus link in them. These emails may promise the moon, amazing deals, free TV’s, whatever. But their goal is to get you to think you are getting a good deal. After an unsuspecting victim inputs their credit card information, no product is ever sent, but the scammers now have stolen credit card info.

3. Secure your Purchase

Make sure that every purchase you make is secure. Enter your credit details and other information only into websites that use SSL security. To know if you're on a safe page, look at the URL and make sure that it starts with "https://" The "s" in that URL indicates that you're on a secure site.