15+ Great Corporate Birthday Gifts for Employees

Great Corporate Birthday Gifts For Employees

Showing your employees and coworkers how much you appreciate them is an important part of any job, particularly when their birthday rolls around. However, it can be challenging to choose the perfect gift, especially if you rarely see them outside the office. Fortunately, there are plenty of meaningful office birthday gifts that are the perfect blend of personal and professional. Use the employee birthday gift ideas below to get started.

Tips for Choosing Employee Birthday Gifts

When choosing a birthday gift for an employee, remember that people in the office tend to talk. In other words, it is important to avoid the appearance of playing favorites. Here are a few tips for avoiding office drama:

  • Make sure each employee gets the same gift or an equivalent variation for their birthdays. You can easily make small changes to personalize your employee birthday gifts.
  • Include a hand-written card that shows you took the time to recognize their unique role on your team.
  • Plan an entire year at once. Consider whether it will be best to choose one universal gift everyone would enjoy, to divide employees into categories, or to order unique items on an individual basis. Typically it is more equitable, more affordable, and easier to plan birthday gifts for employees according to smaller groups or the team as a whole.

Employee Birthday Gift Ideas

Start by creating a specific budget for employee birthday gifts so you can determine the appropriate amount to be spent per person. Next, think about the members of your team and their potential needs. Is there something that would appeal to everyone? Is there a way to add a personal touch or slight variation? Read on to find some ideas for fun, budget-friendly corporate birthday gifts for employees. 

Universal Birthday Gifts from Corporate

A universal birthday gift is one that applies to all the members of your team and can often be ordered in bulk or arranged in advance. This type of gift is beneficial for everyone, not only because it’s something everyone wants, but because it helps ensure no one is missed and gifts are given on time.

  • Gourmet Soup Gift Basket - Spoil your staff with a delicious dinner they don’t have to prepare. Order in a few gourmet gift baskets from Spoonful of Comfort, complete with plenty of gourmet soup, rolls, and cookies to share. Shop our Corporate Collection for a variety of friendly, professional gifts!
  • Phone Sanitizer & Charger - Help your employees stay healthy with a phone charger that actually cleans and sanitizes their phone and kills 99.9% of bacteria. Soon there can be one at every desk.
  • Carry-On Luggage  - Sturdy and expandable carry-on luggage is an excellent gift for any employee, especially those who frequently travel for work. 
  • Cozy Blanket & Birthday Socks - Soft and cozy blankets make great gifts for anyone on your list. Throw in a pair of birthday socks and their favorite treat to make it extra special.
  • Laptop Bag/Backpack - Give team members a bag to haul all their important gear to and from the office or when they travel. A laptop backpack or bag can protect their tech and also has plenty of pockets for other essentials.

Office Birthday Gifts for Employees

Office birthday gifts are great for raising positive energy in the workplace. They support employees in completing essential job functions or help to make the job more fun. They are typically cute or higher-quality versions of practical office items.

  • Desk Vacuum - Help employees keep their workspace clean and comfortable with a portable desk vacuum for getting rid of crumbs and other tiny distractions.
  • Desktop Zen Garden - Provide team members with a fun way to relieve stress during the workday. A desktop zen garden looks beautiful and promotes a calm and positive environment.
  • Fun Office Supplies - If your employees have to use office items like sticky notes, paper clips, and other office accessories, why not give them an option that is both fun and professional?

Employee Gifts for Men

Consider gifts that guys in the office might enjoy based on individual and group interests.

  • Golf Pens - If you have a coworker who loves to golf, he may love a set of golf clubs that sits on his desk and can be used to write memos.
  • Necktie Gift Set - Encourage employees to look their best with a necktie set and cufflinks.
  • Shared Interest Gifts - Any interoffice groups that get together? Show your support to guys who play ball on weekends, have a mountain biking group, or other interests with matching custom jerseys on their birthdays. 

Corporate Gift Ideas for Women

What do women want? Personal birthday wishes always go a long way. Consider her style and personal taste with fun birthday gifts like these.

  • Dinner and Home Design Book - Send her a Homeful of Comfort gourmet gift basket that includes dinner for her whole family with gourmet soup, artisan rolls, delicious cookies, and a coffee table book written by businesswoman and female role model, Joanna Gaines.
  • Succulents for Her Office - Succulents are a great addition to a boring workspace. Add extra flair with a cute container.
  • Colorful Stoneware - Polish pottery is pretty and practical. Find beautiful bakeware for aspiring chefs, colorful catch-all dishes, and fantastically unique figurines. 
  • Care Package - Spoonful’s Peace and Pampering Care Package is full of zen items to help her relax and treat herself on her birthday.

Professional Gift Ideas for the Boss

Group gifting from the team is the best option to celebrate someone with leadership responsibilities. Some options we love here:

Birthday Gifts for Remote Workers

Many companies are discovering more ways to conduct business online and are allowing employees to work from home full-time or on occasion. It may seem more difficult to deliver employee birthday gifts to these team members, but there are plenty of simple ways to make their day special and show them you are thinking of them.

  • Personal Development Books - A book that encourages productivity or inspires workers to be their best is a great gift for an employee you don’t see in the office. Plus, many online retailers will allow you to send the book directly to the employee, making gift delivery simple.
  • Dinner and Dessert - Send them some gourmet soup and everything they need for a delicious dinner at home and a night off from cooking. You can easily show appreciation without the need to deliver their gift personally.

Corporate Birthday Gifts for Employees With Spoonful of Comfort

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