5 Ways to Help Breast Cancer Patients

Ways To Help Breast Cancer Patients

In our last segment of articles recognizing Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we extend ideas that you can consider in helping friends and family that are going through breast cancer treatment.

Life is hard enough to muscle through. Having cancer makes it harder. With any disease, even the simplest of chores, like cooking and cleaning, fall through the cracks. And with so many of us being tough on the inside, few will ask for help, even when it’s needed most. Here are five ways that you can help a friend.

Use Your Talents to Do Something Special.

Offer your talents and blessings to help someone in need. Do you enjoy gardening? Help your friend tend to their yard. Do you like cooking? Help prepare meals. Any time that you can give to help your friend in need save time on their end is a welcomed gift.

Spend Quality Time.

Speaking of time, it is a cherished gift. Sometimes a friend in need needs just that, a friend. Spend quality time together.

Offer Rides.

Often, a friend simply needs a lift. Whether to pick up medications, for a treatment session or simply to church or run errands, often, a friend simply needs a lift.

Retail Therapy.

Friends going through cancer treatment want to feel normal. Get them out of the house and treat them to some retail therapy. A new outfit can do wonders.


The simplest pleasures in life are often the most rewarding. Help a friend laugh to restore normalcy and peace.