Food Gifts

Popularity and Variety of Food Gifts

Food gifts are growing annually and more popular than ever! And it's not that infamous fruit cake that no one seems to enjoy anymore either! Take a swing at making your own food gifts this season! But, if you just don't have the time, Spoonful of Comfort has a kitchen full of food gifts ready to send this year on your behalf! 

Food gifts can vary as much as the winter weather, so focus on taste, taste, taste, and forget the fancy but yucky! There is a lot to think about BUT it boils down to really just that - tasty and yummy!

Food gifts can warm hearts, raise spirits at any party! We suggest if you are planning on a DIY approach and it's not at your house to focus on the dessert and or appetizer. Sweets are a central part of the food gift culture and focusing on a few goods ones that you like that will help save time and stress.

Jack Frost's cold winter blow has taken hold so think about Chocolate cakes, bread puddings, caramels, and crumb cakes. Whatever you do... try to not use a box if you can help it! Make it from scratch and enjoy that sense of food gift pride when you see mouths drop in joy over it.

Another idea for a wonderful food gift idea is breakfast or boxing day (day after Christmas) tradition for others. Gourmet pancakes, French toast, monkey bread, and caramel crepes are just a few.. That can be the start of a wonderful new traditions enjoyed and passed on for generations.

We suggest checking out some of the bigger food websites and (Spoonful of Comfort will be sending new recipes so sign up for our email newsletter) for that perfect food gift and there are literally thousands out there! Use your trusted one BUT here is a tip we strongly suggest you apply.. If your planning on a DIY food gift and you have not done so before, do a PRACTICE run a few days before so you have plenty of time to either do it again or go a different direction. Even if you are extremely by the book following directions or liberal, things happen, you live high up in altitude and the recipe doesn't adjust baking time, the reality is things happen BUT with proper planning your food gift can be the star not the...

Whatever you choose, the best food gifts are always the ones that are made with a lot of love. Plan ahead and things will be stress free! Enjoy your time with your loved ones and not worrying!