Get into the Holiday Spirit

For many people, Christmas is the happiest time of the year. There are gatherings with family and friends, personal and business gift exchanges, the excitement of the cooling weather, delicious food offerings, and a glint of anticipation that accompanies it all. Christmas often softens our hearts, spurring us to be more generous and loving. To make the most of the true spirit of Christmas, consider getting involved in these fun activities:

  • Random acts of kindness – Few things are as exciting as receiving a kindness that you weren’t planning on. You can pay this forward in simple ways—by sharing a compliment, writing someone a note of sincere thanks, or performing a small task for someone such as making your spouse breakfast or getting a co-worker some coffee. You can also donate time and money by visiting a nursing home or giving to a favorite charity.
  • Christmas music – Christmas is a unique holiday because it has its own playlist of music. Think about it—there are few Thanksgiving or Halloween songs, but Christmas has a trove of tunes. The timeless melodies of Christmas carols, from lively to nostalgic, can help immerse you in the Christmas spirit. Pull out your Christmas CDs, listen to a Christmas music station on the radio, or check out free Christmas music offerings on the Web.
  • Holiday eating – The holidays give us a great excuse to pull out some of our most beloved recipes. If there is a period in the year that is characterized by good food, it is the holiday season. From Thanksgiving Day to Christmas and then on to New Year’s Eve, there will be sumptuous buffet tables teeming with delectable offerings. Don’t overindulge, but do give yourself permission to enjoy some of the holiday delicacies in moderation.
  • Christmas stories – We’re surrounded by wonderful stories at this time of year. Pull out your favorite Christmas books and read them with your kids. Designate a “movie night” in December when you can enjoy a traditional Christmas flick. Check the library or bookstore for a collection of inspirational magazine articles or short stories. Read one each night and let the stories capture your imagination and inspire you to do good this holiday season
At Spoonful of Comfort, we love immersing ourselves in the holiday spirit. We wish you a Merry Christmas and hope that you can feel the spirit of the season amidst the hectic pace of the holidays.