Get Ready to Flip

Our Amazing Packaging

We love a good before and after story. Almost as much as we love surprises. And definitely as much as we love a good upcycle. That’s why we’ve designed our boxes to be all three: a quick but super satisfying flip that turns our packaging into stylish storage boxes you can use anywhere in your home. 

Why did we take the time to design our inside out boxes? We’re so glad you asked! Our custom packaging exists because we sincerely believe that every aspect of gift-giving should be special. Because anyone who identifies with gift-giving as a love language knows that it’s more than just the gift, it’s the sentiment behind it—the thoughtfulness and care in every detail that lets the recipient know just how much they are loved. Plus, who doesn’t need more cute storage solutions? 

Here’s how it works

First, you or your loved one enjoys a delicious homestyle dinner of soup, rolls, and cookies. Next, it’s time to dig the scissors and tape out of the junk drawer and start transforming our original packaging (which, we should mention, is already pretty cute,) into the color-coordinated storage boxes of your organizing dreams. Think of it this way: we’ve made our packaging into a craft night where you actually end up with something you love!

Now all you need to do is decide what to do with all your cute new boxes. Use one as a super-secret stash for all the treats you don’t want to share with your kids? We support you. Reuse them to gift a friend something special? Look at you being so thoughtful! Fill them up with art supplies, put them to use in that junk drawer so you always know where to find the tape and scissors, or even reuse them in the mail as a shipping box. Whatever you do, you’ll do it in style. (We bet Marie Kondo is so jealous right now.) 

Ready to flip?

We’ve made this handy how-to video to make this before and after extra simple. So grab that last cookie from the box and let’s get started!