Halloween Comfort Food

Celebrating Halloween

Are you having a Halloween party this year? As your friends come ready for entertainment, why not entertain their stomach, too, with delicious Halloween comfort food? Just imagine... 

Your friends arrive at your home on a dark night. The main light originates from flashing jack-o-lanterns and spooky faced illuminating presences as they advance towards your doorway. Frightening music frightfully exudes from the darkness. As your friends reach your doorstep, the entryway swings open. Flavorful and spooky snacks embellish the kitchen table. And the main treat sits fermenting on the counter... witch’s stew. Let the Halloween party begin!

Now that your guests have arrived and are ready to dig into your witch’s stew, what do you have in store for them? Here are a few of our favorite customer-submitted “witch’s stews.”

Eyeballs and Eyelids

Spook your guests’ taste buds by serving a variation of Italian wedding soup. Italian wedding soup consists of balls of ground pork and beef, grated Parmesan, and minced garlic. With proper preparation, the balls of meat can be less-tempting “eyeballs” and the minced and grated ingredients are stewed eyelids. Hold your stomach.

Cauldron of Gunk

For continued grossness, cook up a large batch of shepherd’s pie, but hold the potatoes. Make this variation of shepherd’s pie into a stew, instead. After cooking is complete, serve your family up a bowl of generous portions from your cauldron of gunk.

Witch's Garden

 For a less disgusting Witch’s treat, serve up a Witch’s Garden. Treat your guests to vegetable soup that originated from the witch's garden. 

Want to stick with the soup-theme, but play it safe? Try Spoonful of Comfort’s famous chicken soup instead. Treat your guests to 64 ounces of sensational soup, bacci rolls, cookies, and more. We’ll even throw in the ladle to serve up your smiles.