How to Find Cheap Christmas Gifts for Men

Christmas Gifts for Men

Let’s face it: men can be notoriously difficult to buy for. Even if you ask your father, son, boyfriend, or brother for a gift idea, they might tell you they don’t “need anything.”

Whether you’re shopping for the man who has everything, or you want a great gift to show how much you care, it can be easy to fall into the trap of overspending.

Without a clear view of what the men in our lives want, we can end up resorting to boring gift card presents, next-gen tech, or over-the-top purchases. Fortunately, there is a way to save some cash this holiday season and give the men in your life an amazing gift.

Here are some of our best tips for finding good gift ideas that don’t break the bank.

Why is Christmas Shopping for Men So Hard?

Ultimately, shopping for anyone can be tougher than it seems.

When you’re trying to buy the perfect Christmas gifts, it sometimes feels like you need to be a mind reader if you want to get the present just right. Unfortunately, shopping for men can be tough for several reasons. First, many men are less likely to share insights into the kind of gifts they enjoy or drop hints during the winter months, which means we don’t know where to start.

To make matters worse, choosing a gift that sends the right message can be difficult, even if you know what the man in your life enjoys. For instance, if your husband loves craft beer or artisan coffee, you don’t just want to get them a couple of beer bottles or bags of beans for Christmas.

We always want our Christmas gifts to seem special and meaningful. That can prompt us to go over the top with purchases like a new Nintendo Switch, beer fridge, or coffee machine.

What Do I Get the Man Who Has Everything?

One of the reasons shopping for men can be so difficult is they tend to buy the items they want themselves. For example, it’s rare to see your boyfriend adding a new video game to his Christmas gift wish list. Instead, he’ll probably save up and buy it himself.

So, how do you get a cool gift if the man in your life already has everything they need?

The simple answer is to get a practical, meaningful gift that speaks to the recipient. When buying a holiday gift for anyone, start by listing the things you know they enjoy. Write down their hobbies, passions, and interests to give yourself a good starting point.

It can also help to look back at the gifts you’ve given men in the past that have generally been well-received. For instance, if your dad loved the coffee you got him for father’s day, you could look into coffee-themed gifts, like a brewing kit or a new set of personalized mugs.

If your anniversary gifts always go down well with your boyfriend, ask yourself if there are any items you can include in a Christmas-style hamper.

What are Some of the Best Cheap Gift Ideas for Men?

If you already know what the men in your life enjoy, the biggest challenge is often finding something that matches your budget. It’s easy to come up with an extravagant Christmas gift idea, like a new console or designer watch. Cheap gifts for men can be a lot tougher to find.

Fortunately, all you need is a little creativity! Here are some awesome gift ideas to get you started:

  •         Get them something they need: Christmas gifts can be a good way to help the men in your life stock up on the items they need. For example, maybe you’ve noticed your boyfriend’s wallet looks a little threadbare lately. So you could opt for a personalized new wallet designed specifically for him. You could even include a little photo of you and him together in the front pouch.
  •         Try personalized gifts: A personalized gift is often one of the best ways to show you care without spending a fortune. Once you’ve come up with a thoughtful gift idea based on what your recipient likes, look for ways to personalize it. Could you add your brother’s name to his new sports water bottle? How about getting a special personalized wallet with the date you tied the knot with your husband?
  •         Explore food gifts: It’s hard to go wrong with food gifts for Christmas. The holidays are a time of indulgence for many of us, so we’re always happy to have more delicious treats to enjoy. You can even create unique hampers around your loved one’s interest, like a beer hamper with a bottle opener.
  •         Consider a DIY gift: If you’re strapped for cash, the best gift could easily be something you make yourself. For example, you could paint a mug, create something with a cross-stitch kit, or bake something at home. Remember, you’ll need to take some extra time and practice your DIY skills before you start producing your final pieces. If you’re particularly good at something, try to use your talent to create a unique gift idea.
  •         Opt for a subscription gift: Subscription gifts can be a handy way to spread out the cost of a big present. If you don’t like most standard cheap gift ideas, sign your loved one up for a subscription related to their interests and pay for it each month. You can find subscriptions for coffee, beer, books, and countless other products.

How can I save money when Christmas shopping for men?

There’s no hard-and-fast rule on how much money you need to spend on the best Christmas gift. The perfect Christmas gift is often defined by its meaning and sentimental value – not a specific price tag. After all, it’s the thought that counts.

However, if you want to get your partner, father, or another man in your life something a little bigger than the average cheap gift, you can always look for some easy ways to save money. One option is to grab some last-minute Christmas gifts during the winter sales. Black Friday is a great day to start shopping online for every stocking stuffer and major item you want for Christmas morning.

Other ways to save money on a great Christmas gift include:

  •         Signing up for email lists: Signing up with a company’s email list can be a great way to ensure you’re the first to know about any upcoming sales or discounts. The customer service teams for many big brands give deals to subscribers before anyone else. You can also follow companies on social media to check out exclusive deals there, too.
  •         Grab some cashback: Another fantastic way to save money on a Christmas gift idea, is to sign up for a cashback program. This will allow you to earn some money back every time you buy an item using a specific app or online tool.
  •         Use a money-saving app: There are plenty of money-saving apps and plugins available across the web today to help you save cash. You can add these straight to your browser or download them on your phone, and they’ll search for voucher codes and discounts automatically when you head to the checkout.
  •         Buy second-hand: A great Christmas gift doesn’t have to be brand-new. eBay can be a great place to find cheap Christmas gifts for men with plenty of sentimental meaning. You can also check out places like Facebook marketplace to see if anyone is selling anything relevant to your needs in your local area.

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