How to Find the Best Birthday Gifts for Mom

Birthday Gifts for Mom

Finding the best birthday gifts for mom can be discouraging, especially if it feels like she already has everything she needs and wants and you’ve already used up your good ideas over the last few years. So if you’re stumped, read on, and we’ll help you think of something new and different.

What Do I Gift the Mom Who Has Everything?

If you’re fresh out of ideas and feel like your mom doesn’t need or even want “stuff,” consider skipping an item and opting for an experience. A tried and true simple Mother’s Day gift is a gift card to her favorite spa or restaurant, or perhaps as a ticket (or two) to a concert you think she’d like. Gifting experiences allow you the opportunity to create mom's new favorite memory and will allow her to do something she may have never done for herself. A new experience is the most personalized gift; time with her kids will highlight mom's special day!

You can also plan on doing something together, whether going out to eat or taking a hot air balloon ride the next time a festival is within a couple of hours of her home. A gift certificate to a local theater or a prepaid craft class given by her local community college is also an excellent idea for the mom who has everything.

How to Surprise Your Mom

If you’re aiming to surprise your mom with a fabulous birthday party (which would also be a great birthday gift for dad), follow some of these tips to pull it off without her finding out.

  1. Pick a venue. Choose a familiar location that she won’t suspect. A friend’s house, her own house, your house, etc.
  2. Send invitations, whether virtual or traditional. You can create a group chat or a private Facebook group to send important announcements. Just be sure to double and triple-check the privacy settings so she doesn’t catch on!

(If your mom hates surprises, go “semi-surprise” style by telling her there’s a party but none of the details. That way, she can prepare and won’t get double booked.) 

  1. Pick a theme. Whether it’s “50 and Fabulous” or decked out in Harry Potter magic, use a theme to pull together the food and decorations. If you don’t know what she’d like, have a friend ask her about other parties she’s been to and what she liked about them. Make it special with extra touches like gold-edged paper plates, fairy lights, and plenty of balloons will go a long way in creating a fun ambiance.
  2. Plan a menu. Know who is picking up, making, and bringing any foods, including snacks people can eat throughout the event. Will there be a meal? Finger food? Fancy or casual? Will the food follow your theme? Will there be drinks? Don’t forget the cake!
  3. Keep the surprise a surprise. Remind guests not to post on social media beforehand, and make sure they have all the information they could possibly need (date, place, time, assignment, if any).
  4. Take the birthday star out beforehand. Remember that your mom will want to know she’s doing something fun on her birthday, whether it’s a day of pampering or going to a nice restaurant. You want her to feel great by the time she gets to her party. Taking her out beforehand will also ensure that she is dressed to be out with friends and loved ones.
  5. Plan transportation. Have a plan in place for who will bring your mom to the party. They can do so under the guise of going out to dinner or swinging by a friend’s house to pick up a special gift. If she has someone to travel with, then she won’t be able to cancel or back out in any way.
  6. Reveal the surprise. Whether your mom prefers a surprise with people jumping out from behind furniture and yelling “surprise” or would rather walk into a room full of people and slowly realize she knows all of them is up to your discretion. You'll definitely want to capture the moment if you think she’d like to look back on it. The picture alone would top any other mom’s gifts out there.

Homemade Gift and Card Ideas

Another gift idea is to go the handmade route. There are dozens of DIY card tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest that you can follow. Cards don’t have to be elaborate, and a few watercolor strokes or the drawing of a stick figure with a funny saying can do the job well. As for an actual homemade gift, there’s no end to the gifts you can make. You can put together a gift basket or a birthday box on your own that includes her favorite candy, an item related to one or more of her hobbies, some pre-made meal kits, or some pampering items. Themed baskets could make fun gifts such as a sunshine basket, travel basket, chocolate basket, coffee basket, wine basket, spa basket, or book basket.

Another idea is to make a homemade bouquet—those make great gifts for every mom. You could put fruit, candy bars, doughnuts, mini cupcakes, or other items that you can think of on skewers and put them in a vase for her. A stuffed pair of new slippers is another idea. You could fill them with candy, lotion, snacks, lip balm, gift cards, essential oils, or anything else that’s small. 

If you have some extra jars hanging around that you can clean out, consider making her a pedicure in a jar, fill it with homemade bath bombs/salts or shower steamers, DIY simple syrups for cocktails, or homemade cookies. Dress up the outside with decorative paper and ribbon when you’re done. (See also our guide on Pregnant Women’s Birthday Gifts!)

And finally, paint or draw some of your own abstract art. Whether you go with circles, squares, thick brush strokes, or thin, a few colors thrown together can make incredibly personal birthday gifts for mom.

How Else Can I Show Love for My Mom?

The perfect gift doesn't have to be something physical at all. A perfect yet unique birthday gift is your time. Does your mom have something she’s wanted to get done for a long time? Offer to help her out! Does your busy mom always have a long to-do list? Run errands for her and pick up dinner while you’re at it, and mom is sure to feel appreciated.

How Can Spoonful of Comfort Help Me?

If you need a thoughtful gift idea that can be delivered and speaks homecomfort, and finesse, consider getting your mother a birthday care package from Spoonful of Comfort. Not only does it include a complete meal of soup, rolls, and cookies (no cooking for her!), it’s an experience in itself. A birthday care package includes boxes within boxes, each with delightful quotes to read and surprises inside. Make a wonderful celebration dinner for her and a few loved ones!