How to Throw a Fun Virtual Housewarming Party

You want to throw a party to celebrate your new house and adventure, but you have to accommodate the “new normal.” No problem! You can premiere your new digs by hosting a virtual housewarming party.

All the fun of an in-person party, but with less mess! Take a look at these virtual housewarming party ideas to get you started. Different People, Different Parties Sometimes your first step, making the guest list, is the most difficult. Uncle Edwin doesn’t get along with cousin Betty. Your RPG friends don’t quite mesh with the buddies from your Saturday morning pick-up games at the basketball court. With the virtual housewarming idea, you take the guesswork out of guest work. You want to engage with your guests and share your excitement. With the free version of the popular social platform Zoom, you can invite up to 100 guests for a 40-minute session, but that’s just too many. Divide your guest list up into groups of about 10-20 by matching compatible personalities and interests, then host consecutive 40-minute time slots. It may seem like a lot, but remember, you can also schedule breaks for yourself to regroup and refresh. Intriguing Invitations Next, you want to send a party invitation that will dazzle them almost as much as your beautiful new home will. Fortunately, several free options can get the party dates and deets out quickly, and some services can even help you track replies. 

Some fun and creative e-vite services include:

Canva Evite Greetings

Island Dress Code 

It can be nice being able to telecommute and work from your virtual office at home while wearing sweats and flip flops, but while social distancing when it is a bit tricky to “go out,” a lot of people are looking for a reason to dress up. Your dress code can be as formal or informal as you desire. If you are up for costume changes, you can customize your dress code according to your party group. That role-playing game group? Party theme costumes that fit your favorite game. The friends from the court? Get them out of athletic gear and into some gowns and tuxedos. Start with a Tour Your new home is the centerpiece of the party, so start with a tour. A previously recorded video works great because you can edit it and show exactly what you want to highlight. On the other hand, a live virtual tour can be fun too, particularly if you want to chat with your guests as you do it. They can ask questions or make comments either through the chat function or live so everyone can hear and you can respond. Have a Beautiful Backdrop After the virtual tour, it can be fun and relaxing to sit and chat with your guests. You’ll want to choose your spot ahead of time. Make sure you check it out during the scheduled time of your party to ensure there are no disturbances. Try to find a spot with consistent lighting, or add lighting as needed. For example, a big beautiful picture window might make a great backdrop in the early afternoon, but as the sun sets, you can start getting blinding glare and become silhouetted. The same window at night might be better—unless it faces a street with traffic headlight potential. With Zoom, you can create virtual backgrounds, but since the whole housewarming party idea is to show off the new space, create your own real-time, real-life backdrop by using a tapestry, a shelf full of books, or a decorated wall. Game On! What’s a party without games? You may be miles apart, but you can still have lots of laughs, and even give prizes, when you play a party game like: Housewarming Bingo Emoji Pictionary Charades You can send your guests prizes through the mail and make them more special by sending something specific from your new hometown. For online gift ideas, try an e-gift card for a chain restaurant or a gift card for Netflix or Hulu. Dance Party Just because you are using screen time doesn’t mean you have to be stuck in front of it! Use the widescreen option on your camera and set up a dance floor. Tell your guests to do the same, and then dance the time away to your favorite tunes. Wine and Dine Depending on your budget and guest list, you can order food to be delivered to your guests during the party. Pair it with a bottle of wine or craft beer or makings of a cocktail or mocktail, and the party is on! In this age of Ubereats, DoorDash, and the plethora of food delivery services available, you can send just about anything. Gift Registry Setting up a gift registry for yourself is not presumptuous; it’s called being prepared. You don’t have to put it on your invitation, but with a housewarming registry prepared, if someone insists on sending a gift, you can send them the link. Extra Equipment You can host a very nice virtual housewarming party with a Zoom set-up and phone camera, but you may want to consider some other items to make your party the ultimate virtual event. A few ideas for you are: A simple vlog kit that includes a cell phone holder, tripod, O-ring light, and a microphone Connect your party from your laptop to your TV so you can see everyone better Video editing software Warm Their Hearts and Homes Whether you are the host or a guest, you can give a heartwarming gift with a Housewarming Package from Spoonful of Comfort. Share it the day of the party, or send it as a grand prize to one lucky winner! This gift box that includes soup, artisan rolls, and cookies is sure to make everyone smile.