30 Ideas for Luxury Corporate Gifts

30 Ideas for Luxury Corporate Gifts

To call something “luxurious” means it promotes a comfortable and extravagant lifestyle. That sounds like a life that every employee and business partner wants, so why not help them get there with a luxury corporate gift?

Luxury gifts are often reserved for special occasions with your executive team, business partners, and clients. But with so many options out there, it can be difficult to judge what will really make the recipient feel appreciated with a lasting impression. Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of 30 of our favorite luxury corporate gift ideas.

Luxury Corporate Gift Ideas

  1. The Spoonful of Comfort Corporate Gift Basket

    We’ll start with our own favorite: the Spoonful of Comfort care package that offers respite for those who want a break from cooking, or who simply want a gourmet comfort meal. It contains:

    64 oz. jar of delicious soup
    Half a dozen bacci rolls
    Half a dozen cookies
    Serving ladle

    This corporate gourmet gift basket also comes with a personalized notecard that you can customize, along with the option of add-in accessories and even your own company swag. You can make this premium corporate gift totally your own!

  2. Watch and Sunglasses Travel Kit

    This protective carrying case is perfect for those who like to pepper in a little style to their travel attire. The travel case has slots for two pairs of eyeglasses and two watches. It also includes small straps and a velour lining, which will keep your accessories scratch-free and secure. And not to mention the sleek black leather exterior, which only adds another level of sophistication to this gift.

  3. Elegant Glass Set

    Whether it’s a drink to keep someone energized through the workday or something a little stronger when they get home, these designer glasses make drinking any beverage feel like a regal experience. This box set of six, 12-ounce Waterford Crystal glasses feature the striking Lismore pattern, a true indication of luxury glassware.

  4. Crystal Desk Clock

    Speaking of Waterford Crystal, this four-inch-tall desk clock is a small item that adds a level of intrigue to a desk, bookshelf, or any tabletop.

  5. Pendulum Clock

    Maybe the person you’re shipping for is notorious for having a cluttered desk, so you may want to avoid adding anything that might fan their disorganized flame. Not to worry, this wall-mounted Seiko pendulum clock is sure to add a contemporary style to their office space. 

  6. Leather Desk Accessory Set

    This leather desk accessory set is perfect for those who can’t function without an orderly desk. The set includes a 34-inch by 20-inch desk pad, letter opener, business card holder, pencil cup, memo holder, document tray, and a holder for unopened mail. Plus, the accent stitching on all of the accessories makes for an incredibly elegant aesthetic.

  7. Decorative Bowl

    A Barski European crystal rose bowl is a fabulous centerpiece for the office and the home. The intricate design is hand-cut and mouth-blown to create high-quality crystal and produce a clarity that’s hard for many glass manufacturers to achieve. You can leave it up to the recipient to decide what to put inside, whether it’s some freshly cut roses or their favorite candy.

  8. Leather Portfolio Folder

    If you’re buying for someone who’s always on the go, this leather portfolio folder has everything they could ask for. It comes with an 8.5 by 11-inch notepad, a business card wallet, and an adhesive cardholder to stick to the back of a phone. And this folder won’t crease or crinkle any of their important documents; it’s the perfect size to protect its contents while remaining compact and travel-friendly.

  9. Golf Kit

    If you know someone is already an avid golfer, they’ll appreciate this premium golf gift set. It comes with three golf balls, a divot tool, a ball marker for the putting green, a ball liner and pen, a groove tool, a microfibre towel to wipe off their clubs, and a bag to keep all of these items in one place. The set also comes with spare tees and a free golfing glove. It’s an excellent luxury gift for golfers of every level.

  10. Travel/Day-Trip Bag

    Perfect for weekend getaways and short business trips, this genuine leather duffle bag makes travel look stylish. Its spacious interior leaves plenty of room for books, electronics, clothing, and any other small item someone might want to bring to entertain themself between meetings or family gatherings. And it’s sure to attract a few compliments at the airport.

  11. Shoulder Bag

    An alternative look for travel luggage, a leather shoulder bag is a stylish option for both men and women. Though smaller than the day-trip bag above, a shoulder bag can work as a carry-on for business trips and a tote to bring supplies to and from the office.

  12. Embroidered Umbrella

    If a long walk is part of their commute, a sturdy and stylish umbrella can be a lifesaver during the rainy months. But any old umbrella won’t cut it; they’ll want an umbrella made of metal and fiberglass to withstand stormy winds. And this umbrella’s hands-free handle design lets them hook it onto their arm so they can walk without having to choose between scrolling through their phone, drinking morning coffee, or protecting themself from the rain.

  13. ESPRO P5 French Press

    A french press is an excellent gift for coffee connoisseurs. The ESPRO P5 comes in either a polished copper or stainless steel finish and features a unique micro-filter that produces a rich flavor without any grit that would come in a traditional french press. This product also comes with a lifetime guarantee, making for a life full of coffee blend experimentation.

  14. Vitruvi Diffuser

    Doubling as an effective diffuser and an elegant centerpiece, the Vitruvi Stone Diffuser will be loved by anyone who loves to maintain a particular fragrance in their home or office space. Vitruvi offers diffusers in five different designer colors. They include the feature that shuts off the power when water runs out or when time is up. This is to ensure their space stays both luxuriously aromatic and safe.

  15. Comforting Candles

    For a more traditional method of aromatherapy, a scented candle made with premium essential oils fits perfectly into personalized gourmet gift baskets. With a metal candle container that is surrounded by a decorative wooden bowl, these candles have up to a 30+ hour burn time. It even includes an elegant copper-coated wick trimmer.

  16. Ornamental Globe

    For aspiring geographers and those just looking for some new desk ornaments, this 14-inch tall gemstone globe would be a beautiful and unique gift. The globe is hand cut, glued, and pasted, and is created out of lapis lazuli, mother of pearl, amethyst, African jade, tiger’s eye, and other gemstones.

  17. Decanter Globe Set

    Going along with the globe theme, this decanter set comes with a world map etched on both the decanter and the two glasses it comes with. It’s perfect for those who enjoy a good brandy or a 30-year-old scotch. Putting scotch or whiskey in decanters speeds up the oxidation process, also known as “letting it breathe,” which brings out more of the drink’s natural flavors for a more satisfying taste.

  18. Noise-canceling headphones

    Noise-canceling headphones are incredibly useful for the easily-distracted. They’ll cancel out everything, between the loud conversation from a few desks over and the barking dog outside the window. Bose’s noise-canceling headphones use internal and external microphones to cancel out any and all noise in real-time. This will keep any audio distractions out of virtual-meetings and let the recipient’s music keep them focused on their tasks.

  19. Theragun

    Sometimes, even the best jobs can put people through a lot of stressful situations. All that stress can tense up the muscles, which is when the Theragun Elite can help. For sore athletes and generally tense individuals alike, the Theragun uses percussive therapy to blast the tightness out of their muscles, helping to feel calm and relaxed.

  20. Foot Massager

    Maybe the tension isn’t in their shoulders, but their feet. The Shiatsu Dome Foot Massager will knead away aches and pains from their feet using rollers and restoring compression techniques. It also has an optional heating method, which adds an extra dose of relief after a long day. They could put it next to their favorite chair at home, or keep it under their desk when they need to relieve some stress.

  21. Air Purifier

    High-quality sleep is essential for a productive workday. Air purifiers help to clear out airborne pollutants like dust, pollen, pet dander, viruses, mold, and bacteria. It also gets rid of odors from cooking, smoking, and pets. All of this can make for more restful sleep cycles, which in turn is easier to wake up in the morning and start the day right.

  22. Indoor Relaxation Fountain

    Another way to unwind, relax, and easily fall asleep after a long day is with the sounds of a running fountain near your bed. This decorative relaxation fountain features a three-tiered waterfall with small stones that produce the soothing sound of a babbling creek. It’s great for a bedside table and could be used as an accent piece next to a bathroom sink or on a desk.

  23. Fountain Pens

    Fountain pens bring the level of sophistication one would expect of a premium corporate gift. The intricate detail of this bamboo fountain pen and pen holder will make this the obvious pen of choice when it’s time to sign important documents or write letters of appreciation.

  24. Memory Foam Seat Cushion

    For people who can never find a comfortable way to sit or suffer from back pain after sitting at their desks all day, memory foam seat cushions are a pathway to luxury. Perfect for an office chair, a car, or traveling on a train or airplane, this seat cushion is designed to correct posture while giving ample comfort and support.

  25. Laptop Lap Desk

    Lap desks are great for those who work at home but don’t have a designated workspace, making it a great custom gift. This luxury leather lap desk fits most 13- to 15-inch laptops and has docking space for a smartphone. And with its portability and adjustable legs, this lap desk can function virtually anywhere in any home. Is there anything more luxurious than comfortably working from your bed?

  26. Exotic Wood Clipboard

    An exotic wood clipboard adds a healthy dose of “extra” to daily tasks. This clipboard manufacturer offers materials like zebrawood, mahogany, bloodwood, and African teak to add a stylish and colorful backdrop behind your paperwork. Plus, walking around with this under your arm is sure to turn some heads.

  27. Minky Blanket

    Whether they want it for an after-work nap or to stay warm and cozy in the office, Minky blankets are so soft and luxurious that they’ll get anyone excited. Sew Sweet Minky offers a wide range of blanket textures and colors, making it easy to find one that fits the style of the person you’re shopping for. Add it to any gift box or basket to create the perfect gift.

  28. Modern Art Desk Lamp

    This chic table lamp adds an almost modern-art aesthetic to bedrooms, office spaces, and reading nooks. Easy to assemble, it lights up any space, literally and metaphorically.

  29. Luxury Coffee Table Books

    A luxury coffee table book is informative, stylish, and a good conversation starter. Giving these kinds of books as a high-end corporate gift can help the recipient learn something interesting and fill out their bookshelf, with the right amount of personal touch. This book by Louis Vuitton, The Birth of Modern Luxury, details the rise of one of the world’s finest luxury companies, examined through the lives of its first three leaders.

  30. Work Lunch Set

    For those who are always packing a lunch in a crusty brown paper bag, a work lunch gift set offers a practical and reusable food container. 

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