Make it a Soup-er Bowl Sunday

A Great Super Bowl Sunday

The Super Bowl is fast approaching, and you may be planning to throw a bash for family and friends. As you design your menu, consider mixing it up with a soup buffet. Many parties include the old familiar options: burgers, buffalo wings, nachos, and more. A soup buffet can be a fun alternative, though. Ask your friends to prepare their favorite soup and pull together for a soup buffet while watching the biggest sporting event of the year. Soup is filling, versatile, tasty, and a great source of warmth on a cold winter day.

Planning the Party

You can take your soup party idea up a notch by adding a competitive element. Issue a challenge for your guests to bring the best pot of soup, and make it a soup showdown. Invite your guests to bring copies of their soup recipes to share. Make sure your friends bring their soup in a slow cooker so it can stay warm for the duration of the game. Ask your friends to declare their soup type in advance to ensure that you get a good variety. Otherwise, you could end up with six pots of chili of chicken noodle soup. 

As a host, you can provide beverages, crackers, crusty bread, and a bar of soup toppings such as bacon, croutons, sour cream, chives, and different cheeses. You may also want to prepare some snacks to go with the soup buffet. Salads or fruit dishes make a healthy complement.

Game Day

Make sure your house is set up to accommodate all of your guests comfortably. Make room for all the slow cookers and accompanying condiments and snacks. You may need extension cords or a power strips to keep the crock pots plugged in. Make sure the buffet is set up so that people can flow through it quickly and easily. Be ready with plenty of ice for the drinks. At half time, you can vote on the “top soup” and award prizes.