Meet Marti | Grandma’s Story | Family is the Heart of it All

Family Is At The Heart

Meet Marti, founder of Spoonful of Comfort. In this video series, Marti shares some behind the scenes stories that have helped her build a heart-centered business. From packing boxes in her own garage to appearing on national TV, our soup boxes have brought smiles into tens of thousands of homes across the globe.

Family is Love

What are your favorite family memories? Is it food that your grandma has lovingly made for you? Is it playing in the park with your dad? Learning valuable life lessons from mom? Whatever your story, no matter your family, one thing is for certain. None of us would be who we are today without a family member. They teach us. Care for us. Love us. Big or small, near or far, family is the thing that unites us, and brings us together. Whether you’ve made a million memories or just a few special ones, family is the most sincere form of love.

Love is Family

Family lasts forever, no matter how far. But it can be hard to show love when you can’t be with you’re family. Whether it’s a holiday, a time of need, or just a special occasion, it can be difficult to not be there. That’s the heart behind Spoonful of Comfort. To send and share love anywhere, right when you need it. We take care of the packaging, the shipping, and the logistics. But it’s your love behind the package that makes it special. A home-cooked meal is special, heartwarming, and always welcomed. And that’s why we make all of our soup, cookies, and rolls with the utmost care. We want your loved ones to know just how loved they are, even if you can’t be there to say it.

So go on. Celebrate your family. Your parents, kids, or grandchildren. Whoever it may be, we’re here to help spread the love whenever, and wherever you need.