Meet Marti: Remembering Mom

Meet Marti, founder of Spoonful of Comfort. In this video series, Marti shares the behind-the-scenes stories that helped her build a heart-centered business. This month, we’re celebrating the legacy of Marti’s mom, whose natural sense of hospitality and deep love for others remain the inspiration for our company to this day.

Remembering Mom

Every so often, Marti reads a comment or review that feels familiar somehow. Maybe it’s a story about how a Spoonful Care package helped someone feel loved after a hospital stay, even though they recovered far away from family and friends.

Sometimes it’s an email from a Mom who wanted her daughter to feel safe during her first weekend away at college, so she sent soup, rolls, and cookies—comfort food just like the meals they made together every weekend at home.

These stories feel familiar for a reason. As Marti puts it, “they sound just like her.” Marti’s Mom always knew how to make everyone feel at home. She knew how to bring friends and family together, and anyone who stepped into her home immediately felt welcomed and loved.

Still the Same

It’s been ten years, and it’s still an honor for us to remember Marti’s Mom, and her legacy of kindness and grace. Everyday feels like our first day, where we excitedly started learning how to package up those feelings of homemade comfort and send them all over the country. We’ve grown a lot since then, but we haven’t forgotten how lucky we are to spend every day, (and a lot of late nights,) helping people feel like they just came home, no matter where they might be.

The moment you entered her home, Marti’s mom offered you something to eat and drink. She brought people together, and we hope we do too. It’s what she would have wanted. From our home to yours, Happy Mother’s Day.