Meet Marti | The Little Things | Special Moments Don’t Have to Be Big

The Little Things That Make A Big Difference

Meet Marti, founder of Spoonful of Comfort. In this video series, Marti shares some behind the scenes stories which have helped her build a heart-centered business. From packing boxes in her own garage, to appearing on national TV, our soup boxes have brought smiles into tens of thousands of homes across the globe.

The Little Things

Do you ever remember seemingly small moments of kindness, even years after they happen?
Perhaps a stranger held the door for you, or a sales clerk complimented your hair. These moments are peculiar. They are over almost as soon as they’ve begun, and somehow seem to leave a lasting impression that far outlives the actual moment. Kindness is special like that. It can take only seconds, but can last a lifetime. Here at Spoonful, we believe these moments should be celebrated more. Acts of kindness don’t have to be big, flashy, and splendorous. It’s the little things that make the world a better place.

Share the Little Things

Here at Spoonful, we love small moments. That’s why we’ve built a company around them. You could always send a giant bouquet of flowers, and a box of chocolates, but we think there’s something special about soup. It’s not as much about the grandeur of the package, but how it’s received, and what it means. Soup is special. It’s nourishing, comforting, warm, and memorable. The soup doesn’t last forever, but the memory of it will. And that’s why we love it. So whether you’re sending it to heal, celebrate, or share, we trust that it will be one of those little things. One of those moments that lasts much longer than what’s actually in the box.

So let’s create and celebrate those little things that make us human. Give a compliment! Hold the door open for someone you don’t know! Embrace your loved ones in a giant hug!

Spread love in little moments, and create big memories. We’re all in this together.