Mother's Day Gifts For Your Girlfriend

Mother's Day For Your Girlfriend

Should I give my girlfriend something for Mother's Day?

If your girlfriend has children, yes! It never hurts to get your girlfriend a gift any time of the year, especially on Mother's Day. It is sweet to show your girlfriend some appreciation for all her hard work as a mom, and a gift would be a great way to express that. Imagine her surprise when she receives a heartfelt gift on Mother's Day. She would love it! 

Mother's Day is a special occasion, and special occasions deserve special gifts that come from the heart, so show your girlfriend some love with a gift or two!

How to make your girlfriend feel special on Mother's Day:

  • Plan a special outing with her—surprise her by planning an outing, maybe a dinner, a day out like a picnic, or a fun class together.
  • Buy her flowers—picking out a special bouquet and putting them together in a vase is sure to make her feel special. 
  • Enjoy the great outdoors—plan a hike, horseback riding, or depending on the weather, paddle boarding.
  • Gift and card—If you notice she has had something on her wishlist, this may be the perfect time to get her that something and throw in a sweet card. 
  • Give her lots of compliments—help her feel appreciated for all her hard work!

How to know what gift your girlfriend wants

There are many ways to know what your girlfriend wants regarding gifts. You can ask her subtly if you are unsure of what she may want. However, there are some sneakier ways to find out what she may want if you really want to surprise her. 

You could look on her Pinterest and see what she has pinned, or look at her Amazon wishlists to find out what she has had her eye on. You could ask her mom, sister, or friend and see if they know of anything in particular. She may mention some things in passing, so make sure to pay attention if she's talking about items she wants.

When in doubt, however, a gift card is a great gift. Or offer to take her shopping—that’s sure to make her happy!

How to find inspiration for a special gift

The easiest way to find inspiration for a meaningful gift is to consider for whom you're purchasing the gift. What do you know about your girlfriend and her likes? Try to remember the things that she has mentioned to you that she wants.

Next, think of the occasion. In this case, for Mother's Day, take into account what would be an appropriate gift for the occasion.

Then think of the budget for this gift. Having a fixed budget in mind will make shopping for this gift easier as you can have a better idea of what gifts you can afford to purchase. Making it personal will mean a lot; a personalized gift shows that you listen and care about the details, and the little things can make the biggest impact!

Best gift ideas for your girlfriend on Mother's Day:

You'll be sure to find the perfect romantic gift idea for your girlfriend this Mother's Day as long as you put thought into it. The perfect gift might range from homemade to store-bought, and from expensive to cost-free. Let's look at some fun ideas for thoughtful gifts of all kinds. 


  • DIY gift set of bath bombs
  • Date night in a jar
  • Strawberry heart-scented soap
  • Clay necklace charm

Cheap Gifts:

  • Personalized camera film keychain with photos 
  • Custom name birth flower necklace
  • A scented candle
  • Custom star-print map of the night you met


  • Lounge sets
  • Ugg house slippers
  • Makeup (as long as you know her shades and what she likes or wants)
  • LEGO flower bouquet
  • Spoonful of Comfort's Peace and Pampering care package

Best treats to get your girlfriend for Mother's Day

If your girlfriend has a sweet tooth, there is no shortage of things you could get for her. Chocolate-covered strawberries, an edible arrangement, a box of assorted chocolates, her own personal bundt cake, or chocolate-covered pretzels are always solid choices!

Specialty cookies are a great choice for something personal. You could also surprise her that morning with some special donuts. There are endless treat options! Or, since we know how busy mom life is, you could prepare or order meals for that special mom in your life. It would take the load off her day and be a sweet gesture and unique gift for a new mom especially. 

Sweet Mother's Day messages

The best Mother's Day messages are the ones that come from the heart, so take your time and dig deep! A thoughtful, heartfelt message on Mother's Day is sure to make her feel extra special. You could either make the card or buy one, but try to be thoughtful when writing.

Think about your favorite characteristics of her and your favorite things she does as a mother. Of course, you want to make it as loving as possible, but if you need inspiration, you could look up some Mother's Day quotes online. 

Other ways to show appreciation on Mother's Day

There are so many ways to show your love and appreciation on Mother's Day. The list of services is limitless! You could book a spa day, bring breakfast in bed, go out for a nice dinner; the list goes on! So get creative and think of the things that would bring her joy. Service makes the most thoughtful gift for the best mom! 

Making Mother's Day special for all the mothers in your life

Aside from your girlfriend, you could also consider wishing her mother a Happy Mother's Day! For any mother in your life, it will always be appreciated. So with Mother's Day approaching, consider all the mothers you know and shoot them a call or text to make them feel loved!

How can Spoonful of Comfort help me?

Here at Spoonful of Comfort, our goal is to provide comfort and show love and care through our packages. We have tons of options you can choose from to send to the special mothers in your life as well as customizable messages to set apart any personalized gift. So this year, be sure to look at some of our packages for a comforting birthday gift, anniversary gift, or Mother's Day gift.