Retaining Tenants With a Simple Gesture

For an apartment manager, one of their main responsibilities is to ensure that the residents feel welcomed and valued. Moving into a new apartment can be a stressful experience, and it is their job to make the transition as smooth as possible. That's why they make it a point to send a gift to new residents as a way to say "welcome home."

What makes a gift meaningful is the thoughtfulness behind it. A tried-and-true favorite is something nourishing such as soup, rolls, and cookies. These items have always been deeply appreciated as they provide comfort and practicality. After a long day of moving, unpacking, and settling into a new space, the last thing someone wants to do is cook a meal. A warm bowl of soup, some fresh bread, and a sweet treat are simple pleasures that can make a big difference during a busy time. Plus, it's a thoughtful gesture that shows the apartment manager cares about the residents beyond just filling a unit.

A family in a kitchen unboxing a care package

Aside from building a relationship of trust with the residents, sending a gift is also a smart business move. It presents an opportunity to make a positive first impression and create an experience that fosters loyalty and commitment to the community. This isn't just an opinion; according to a survey by the National Multifamily Housing Council, 75% of renters stated that a positive interaction with management was one of the most important factors in renewing a lease. Additionally, 77% of residents shared that receiving a welcome gift would make them feel more at home.

Of course, the gift sent doesn't have to be soup, rolls, and cookies. It could be anything that fits the residents' tastes and needs. Some apartment managers send personalized gift baskets, while others opt for more practical gifts like cleaning supplies or a gift card to a local restaurant. The key is to make it personal and thoughtful. The aim is to express to the tenants that the apartment manager is there to help them during the moving process and throughout their time in the property.

When choosing a gift, it is important to consider the resident's lifestyle and interests. For example, if the apartment manager knows they love coffee, they could send a bag of their favorite beans along with a coffee mug. If they have a pet, a toy or treat for their furry friend would be a thoughtful choice. By tailoring the gift to their unique needs, it shows that the apartment manager cares about them as individuals, not just as renters.

Sending a gift doesn't have to be expensive either. The cost of the gift should reflect the size of the apartment and the relationship the apartment manager has with the resident. A small token of appreciation can go a long way in creating a lasting connection.

There you have it! Sending a welcome gift is a simple yet powerful way to show the residents that the apartment manager cares. It's a gesture that can create a positive experience and foster a sense of community. So, next time a new resident moves in, apartment managers should consider sending a package of soup, rolls, and cookies or another thoughtful gift. The residents will appreciate it, and the apartment manager will stand out as a professional who goes the extra mile.