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Save The Holidays With These Last Minute Christmas Gifts!

We're all guilty of procrastinating and finding ourselves entering the final weeks of Christmas without crossing off our Christmas lists. When this happens, it's essential to find last minute Christmas gifts that don't seem like they were purchased at the last minute. 

From gift cards to wine glasses, here is a holiday gift guide for the person who's always scrambling to find the perfect last minute Christmas gift for a loved one. 

What Should I Do if I've Left Christmas Gifts to the Last Minute?

Many people assume that last minute gifts are bad gifts, but that doesn't have to be the case! Many great personalized gift ideas don't require you to make a purchase months or even weeks in advance. So if you've left your Christmas shopping to the last minute (as so many of us do), this gift guide can help you quickly fill up the space underneath the tree before Christmas Day arrives.  


How Can I Make Sure Gifts Arrive in Time?

One of the trickiest things about procrastinating your Christmas gift purchases is making sure your gifts still arrive by Christmas Eve at the latest. Unfortunately, most companies stop offering guaranteed shipping in time for Christmas a couple of weeks before Christmas. The last thing you want is to complete your holiday shopping too late and end up without any gifts to put under the tree on Christmas morning. 

If you want to ensure your gift arrives on time, pay close attention to the shipping information and estimated arrival date. If there is any possibility that a gift may not arrive in time, don't buy it online. Instead, try to find it in a nearby store, so you don't end up empty-handed on Christmas Day. You may have a limited selection to choose from in-store if you're shopping after Black Friday, but at least you'll have the reassurance that your friends or family members will receive a gift from you before Christmas is over. 

What Are Some Thoughtful and Unique Gifts for the Last Minute?

When you're looking for a great last minute gift, don't panic and buy the first thing you can find. Instead, try to find something your gift recipient will truly enjoy. Here are some thoughtful gift ideas to give you some inspiration. 

A Gift Card

Gone are the days when gift cards used to be considered "lazy" gifts. A gift card that is carefully chosen for the recipient is one of the best gifts you can give because it allows the recipient to choose exactly what they want to get. Some thoughtful gift card ideas include:

  • Amazon
  • Best Buy
  • Uncommon Goods
  • Home Depot or Lowe's
  • A local movie theater
  • A favorite clothing store

A gift card to a favorite local restaurant is also a great gift idea for the foodies in your life. When buying a gift card, make sure the location is known for having good customer service. You may also want to check and make sure the gift card won't lose value over time. 

Wine Glasses

Personalized wine glasses are always fun to receive and make a thoughtful gift. If you don't have time to order customized glasses, don't worry. High-quality generic wine glasses are also a great last minute gift idea and are a fun way to wish someone "Happy holidays!" 

A Subscription Box

There are many different subscription box options out there, from food delivery subscriptions to razorblade subscriptions. A subscription box makes the perfect gift for someone who is typically hard to shop for (such as a parent or friend who already seems to have everything).

An Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon Prime membership is so convenient, but people who don't already have it may not realize what they're missing. If you're on the hunt for versatile Christmas gift ideas, consider gifting an Amazon Prime membership to someone who doesn't have one. 

A Meaningful Gift Basket

When you need a last minute gift that shows someone you care, consider buying a meaningful gift basket. A gift basket is one of those perfect gifts for parents because it can be easily customized to match their preferences, tastes, and interests. Plus, putting a gift basket together shows some effort and thoughtfulness on your part, which can mean a lot to the recipient of your gift. 

How Can I Create a Care Package for Christmas Gifts?


If you're leaning toward creating a care package for someone you love this holiday season, you may be wondering where to start. To begin, you'll need to purchase some sort of decorative basket or box and fill it with the items of your choice. If you need last minute Christmas gift ideas for your care packages, here are some suggestions:

  • Cozy socks
  • Warm slippers
  • Bath bombs
  • Essential oils
  • Perfume or cologne 
  • Floral arrangements
  • Home décor
  • Chocolates
  • Treats
  • Soup and other comfort foods
  • Any unique gift you know the recipient will love

Don't forget to dress your care package up with ribbon or confetti so that it's festive and cheerful before you deliver it to a loved one

How Can I Make Christmas Special With Spoonful of Comfort?

There is no better way to wish someone merry Christmas than with a comforting soup-themed care package. A Spoonful of Comfort care package is a great Christmas gift idea because it can warm the recipient from the inside out. It's also the perfect last minute gift when you've put off your Christmas shopping a little too long and don't know what to send to your friends and family members.  

Many people choose to send Spoonful of Comfort care packages to nearby and faraway family members alike. Just make sure you include the personal information (including name and address) of the recipient in the shipping information field when sending the package instead of filling it in with your own information.  

The recipient of your care package will receive a festive reusable box containing 64 ounces of classic soup (you choose what flavor), six decadent cookies, and six rolls. Each reversible box also comes with a gleaming ladle for scooping the soup and a personalized note card from you. Order and customize your package today and make someone's holiday a little warmer and brighter.