Send a Spoonful of Comfort this Thanksgiving

Celebrating Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is upon us. Along with the food, Thanksgiving is about relationships. Family members and close friends, many of whom have not seen each other for extended periods, gather for the traditional family reunion. Family members often celebrate by giving thanks for the support they receive from each other. They also acknowledge other blessings they have received throughout the year. While giving thanks is important all year round, Thanksgiving is a great reminder to feel gratitude for all that we have and to express that gratitude.

The History

Thanksgiving started as a harvest festival. It was George Washington who proclaimed it a national holiday in 1789. In 1863, Abraham Lincoln proclaimed it a federal holiday. He cited the need for a day of “Thanksgiving and praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens.” The fourth Thursday of November has been celebrated as a day of thanksgiving in America ever since. 

Back in the 1600s, it was the Pilgrims and Native Americans who came together peaceably for the “First Thanksgiving”—a feast that lasted three days. While today’s feasts are usually an abbreviated version, the idea of gathering remains a pertinent theme. One way we can show our family that we appreciate them is to make the effort to join the Thanksgiving gathering.

Though traditions differ from family to family, many share a brief time to recount blessings together. Those blessings may include family, health, prosperity, the beauties of nature, opportunities for education, and advances in technology. Family members may write lists to help them realize the full extent of their gratitude or simply share their gratitude conversationally around the dinner table.

Can’t Make it Home?

Coming home for Thanksgiving in this day and age is not always easy. Gone are the days when generations of family members stayed close to home and worked the family farm. Today, family members may live in different parts of the country or even the world. If you are not able to go home on Thanksgiving Day, you can still make the family reunion feel complete by sending the sentiments of soup through Sending your family a complete meal straight to their doorstep will help them know that you are still interested and engaged in the family happenings—even when you can’t physically attend. 

You can choose to have the meal delivered to your family the night before Thanksgiving to spare the family chefs the effort of cooking dinner when they are monopolized by the next day’s feast. Choose from multiple flavors of family-size soup. Soup packages include:

  • 64-oz. jar of sensational soup (4-6 generous servings)
  • ½ dozen bacci rolls
  • ½ dozen cookies
  • A ladle
  • Personalized note card
  • Colorful, custom packaging that’s a treat in itself

Send the sentiments of soup to complete the family reunion on Thanksgiving Day.