Show Your Appreciation To Your Employees With Spoonful of Comfort!

Ideas for employee appreciation gifts

Showing appreciation to your employees is important in business. People need to be valued not just as workers but as individual human beings. If you want your workers to enjoy being at work, they need to feel appreciated and have a good relationship with you as their boss. On top of building a friendly relationship with your employees, you should also celebrate National Employee Appreciation Day as a day to show your gratitude to your employees for all the work they do for your company with corporate gifts for your staff. Corporate gifts are a great way to show appreciation by getting each employee something. 

Here are several great employee appreciation gift ideas:


Several employee appreciation ideas cover something fun they can do on their own time. You can gift extra vacation days, or even arrange a company retreat to a vacation spot. You can offer classes or coverage for classes in fun skills people want to learn. You can even pay for the office to go out and get lunch one day. Gift cards are another good appreciation gift that is easy to personalize. A gift card for each employee’s favorite restaurant or store is a great way to show appreciation.


Other employee appreciation gift ideas include giving your employees fun experiences as a gift, like a company party or retreat. You can also give them things to do on their own time, like tickets to a game or show they may be interested in. Some people would rather spend more time away from work with friends and family than get gifts. Giving your employees plenty of breaks and time to rest and relax is important. Not having to work all the time will actually improve the quality of work.

Physical gifts

And of course, there is a huge list of physical employee appreciation gift ideas you can get your employees. If you have more money to spend, consider investing in company smartphones, tablets, or laptops. You can get several gifts for a moderate price like desk plants, gift cards, clothing items, water bottles or mugs, journals, bags, gift boxes, and several other gifts for use at home or at work. If you are a smaller business on a budget, even small homemade employee appreciation gifts like baked goods or thank you cards can still be good gestures of staff appreciation. 

Recognition at work

Having friendly competitions and prizes at work can make it more enjoyable for employees to be in the office. Make it a habit to praise jobs well done and reward hard work. If your boss doesn't care whether or not you do good work, why would you put in effort? If you want quality work from your employees, you need to recognize and appreciate it.

What is a good way to show employees that you care?

The best way to show your employees you care is to build a relationship with them. Put in the time to get to know your employees and invest in their lives and interests. You don’t have to be close friends with them, but you need to be friendly and you need to be genuine with them. The value of customizing employee gifts is that they feel important and remembered by you. If you remember personal information about them and reflect those in your gifts to your employees, it shows personal care for them and that you wanted to get a gift they will actually enjoy.

You shouldn’t just give employee appreciation gifts and holiday gifts. To show genuine care and appreciation for the hard work your employees are putting in, you need to show consistent interest and staff appreciation. Don't wait for Employee Appreciation Day to give employee appreciation gifts to your team members. Don’t play favorites or single the same employees each time; recognize any staff member putting in hard work. 


Why is it important to show appreciation to your employees?

Being a good boss is ensuring your employees have good working conditions, including emotional/mental conditions. To build a healthy company environment, you need to be involved and personally show your employees you care. Feeling recognized and appreciated for your work can raise employee morale and motivation to continue putting in hard work. Employee appreciation gifts and consistent positive employee recognition can help you show that you care and respect your staff members.

Building a company culture of appreciation helps employees feel important and like team members. This is especially true for remote employees, as team building must be more conscious when working remotely. It is hard to keep doing a job that you feel is unimportant, and showing appreciation in the office and sending employee appreciation gifts to your staff members can show them that their work is noticed and important to the company.

Be personable and approachable to your employees, and be open to suggestions to make the workplace more enjoyable. Listening to your employees and responding to them thoughtfully is incredibly important. Let them take breaks and do fun things in and out of the office. Helping your employees feel more important at work and have more fun in the workplace will raise employee satisfaction, and therefore employee retention. If people enjoy work, the quality of their work will improve, and they will want to stay at work.

How can we help you show employee recognition?

So what can Spoonful of Comfort do to help show staff appreciation? As a company that creates and sends out care packages, Spoonful of Comfort can help you create personalized gift boxes for your employees to show appreciation. Sending a gift box to each team member with treats, gift cards, and personalized notes as unique employee appreciation gifts can be a great way to show your gratitude to your staff. Giving personalized gifts is a great way to reinforce employee recognition, which improves the workplace for everyone.