Show Your Love with a Bowl of Chicken Noodle Soup

The Importance of Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken soup is one of the most classic comfort foods. Whether you are sick or just feeling blue, a good hot chicken soup can uplift your mood, help nurse you back to health, or encourage you to get well soon.

Likewise, when someone just lost someone dear, a bowl of soup and a hug can strike the heart more than words. Truly, there are many occasions that call for a good hot bowl of chicken soup. May it be the flu, an ear infection, or just lifting up someone’s mood, you can rely on a hearty bowl of soup.

However, because of physical distance between you and loved ones, how do you send such a comfort basket of soup? That’s where Spoonful of Comfort comes in. We help you send comfort baskets across the country so that you can send your “get well” message at a moment’s notice and make your family members and friends feel loved even though you are miles away. That type of love for those that you care most about is what planted the seed to start Spoonful of Comfort.

The hearts behind Spoonful of Comfort had a loved one that was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Cooking chicken soup was a way to bond in the final days and to offer comfort. Not wanting others to feel separated by distance, Spoonful of Comfort was born out of inspiration to deliver warm wishes to those in need. Send your warmest wishes year around by choosing not only from chicken soup, but from other delicious seasonal flavors as potato leek, tomato basil, or gazpacho soup, too.