Giving Sincere Holiday Gifts

Sincere Holiday Gifts

I love the sound of the doorbell in December. Usually, it means that a friend or family member is stopping by with a season’s greeting. Often, they bring some small gift—a token of love and friendship. These gifts—cookies, hot cocoa, or a tree ornament—aren’t large or expensive. Still, they mean a lot because they are given sincerely and in a spirit of love.

Whether it's a personal or client holiday gift, in today’s busy world, however, it’s easy to get caught up in the holiday madness and give a gift of convenience rather than a gift of warmth. Here are three simple things to think about before delivering your holiday gifts this year.

1. Is the card personalized?

Many of us are guilty of this common gifting mistake. We mass produce our neighbor Christmas gifts, attach a “From the Jones Family” sticker on each, load them into a box, and drop them onto the porches of our neighbors. Think how much more meaningful a gift would be if it included a short, but sincere, handwritten note addressed directly to the recipient and including a quick personalized message.

2. Does the gift work for the recipient?

When giving a gift, think through the specific needs and circumstances of the recipient. Do they have allergies, voluntary dietary restrictions, or a large family? Imagine what it might mean to someone with a gluten intolerance to receive a plate of gluten free muffins? Tailoring a gift to the recipient is the key to expressing love.

3. Did you leave time for a personal delivery?

Remember my love for the December doorbell ding? I like the bell because it means someone is waiting to talk to me on the other side of the door. When you’re out delivering, take the time to wait for someone to answer and have a quick conversation. 

Asking yourself these simple questions will ensure that your Christmas gifts translate into sincere expressions of love and kindness. Sincere gifts benefit the recipients and can turn the chaos of the holiday gift giving into an enjoyable and fulfilling part of the season.