Small Gifts for Men

Gifts for Men

Men enjoy feeling special, and even a small, thoughtful gift can do precisely that.

Sometimes the best gift is realizing that someone has paid attention to you, that they know what you like—that they know you.

How Should I Shop for The Men in My Life?

Whether it is your boyfriend, husband, dad, or friend, the most important thing about giving a man a gift is to make it personal. You want to get them something that suits their personality and lifestyle. So, before you set out to the shops this year, take some time to think about what the men in your life will appreciate.

What Should I Prioritize When Buying a Gift?

A gift for a man can be useful and/or sentimental, regardless of whether it’s a birthday gift, Father's Day gift, anniversary gift, or Christmas gift.

First, think about something he will use. It might be helpful to make a list of things he likes: food, treats, activities, and hobbies are all on the table.

Once you have a list, jot down ideas of gifts that relate to the things he likes. For example, gift ideas for someone who likes fishing could include a new rod or reel, fishing lures, a sun hat, or other fishing gear. You could even find a quirky fishing-related board game, or one of those singing wall-mounted fish.

For example, a man who loves coffee might appreciate a fancy French press, a unique personalized coffee mug, or a bag of specialty coffee. Home decor, tech gifts like a Nintendo Switch, and bottle openers are all good gift ideas depending on someone’s interests. And if you need some quick Christmas gift ideas, you can grab:

  • Treats
  • Meals
  • Decorations
  • A subscription
  • Cards (including gift cards)

How To Personalize a Christmas Gift

One of the most meaningful ways to personalize a Christmas gift is to write a heartfelt note to go with it.

Instead of just a gift tag with his name and yours, write a message telling him how much he means to you and how much joy he brings to your life. Who knows, the card might end up being his favorite part of the gift!

Men love any personalized gift—something that says you made it (or had it made), especially for them. If you want to go the wallet route, get one custom-made or have his initials engraved or embroidered on it. Adding his name, a sweet message, or something else personal will make him feel noticed and appreciated.

Homemade Gift and Card Ideas for Men

Homemade gifts are special because they take time and effort to make. Great homemade gifts include homemade meals and treats like cookies or candies.

Homemade cards could be much more meaningful than the one you grabbed off the shelf at your local stationery shop. Even if you don’t feel creative, making a card for the man in your life shows that he is worth the effort.

Scrapbooks, artwork, poems, and songs are other ways to show the man in your life that he is important to you.

How Much Money Should I Spend on A Gift for A Man?

There is no set guideline on how much money to spend on a gift for a man. It very much depends on your relationship, your budget, and the occasion. You will probably spend more money on a birthday gift for your boyfriend (say, $50-$100) than on a holiday gift for a colleague or friend (less than $25). And any man will likely appreciate a home-cooked meal or dessert.

Men also love receiving experience gifts or gifts that involve you spending time together. They value feeling important and loved, and one of the best ways to show them that is to show them that you want to share special memories with them.

How Can Spoonful of Comfort Help Me?

Men love getting treats and food. That is where Spoonful of Comfort comes in. We can help you create a thoughtful gift package for the man in your life.

Choose from our delicious soups, pies, and cookies to create the perfect gift package for your husband, boyfriend, or another man in your life. Go for one of our Spoonful seasonal packages. Better yet, add a few extras and arrange to have it delivered for a romantic evening for two. He'll be sure to love it and, let's be honest, so will you!

Men enjoy feeling special and receiving gifts as much as anyone. You don't need to buy something large or extravagant. The secret to giving a great gift is to make sure it is personal with a special meaning to him.