Something Special: 10 Gift Ideas for Neighbors Who Are Moving Away

Gifts for Neighbors

Good neighbors make a huge difference in our quality of life.

— Robert Fulghum

 You watch out for each other, help out when needed, and share good times and bad. A special bond is forged, so when life presents a new adventure for the people next door, you want to show your thanks and gratitude with great gifts for neighbors who are moving away. These meaningful and housewarming gifts will make them smile and show you care.

1. Stacking Storage

If you have lived next to your neighbor for a number of years, you can count on the fact that they have a lot of stuff—usually a lot more than either of you could ever imagine. Very helpful gift ideas for neighbors who are moving away are a tower of stackable plastic totes and a DIY gift basket of moving supplies, which can include:

  • Packing tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Labels and markers
  • Packing paper

This is not a “here’s your hat, what’s your hurry” suggestive gift. It shows you understand the magnitude of moving and are doing your very best to help in this considerate way.

2. Food Gift Cards

As the kitchen gets packed up, it will get harder for them to cook at home. Have you noticed which delivery vehicles seem to frequent their home? Grab some gift cards from those places and other local favorites so they can conveniently order up good grub during their packing experience.

You can also help them with the end game of their move by quickly searching for “best places to eat in” their new municipality and getting some gift cards from those places. At the end of an exhausting day of moving and unpacking, they will think of you with big smiles as they dine on the food they did not have to cook.

3. New Events

While researching their new community for local dining hot spots, check out some “fun things to do in” events. Get them season tickets to the games of their new home team. Do they love theater? A greeting card with a gift card for a nice restaurant and tickets to an upcoming play can provide respite.

4. Mug Shot

Coffee mugs make great gifts for neighbors who are moving away because they are easy to pack and so versatile. Coffee, tea, soup, cereal—mugs can handle it all while conveying a very special message like “My Favorite Neighbor Gave Me This Mug.”

Once in their new home, have some Cookie Comforts delivered with a personalized note that reads, “OK, now you can open the other gift!”. Have a little more fun with it by wrapping it up, bundling in some nice coffee, and instructing them not to open it until you tell them. They’ll love the decadence of cookies and coffee in their new mugs.

Coffee mug image

5. Sow Special

Is your neighbor leaving a beautifully landscaped yard of lovingly tended flowers and plants or a luscious vegetable garden from which they have shared the bounty? If they are planning the same for their new place, show you care by sharing some seeds. Give them a box of seeds for convenient storage (and shipping), or create a pretty seed bouquet.

Are they moving to a different plant hardiness zone? Gift them seeds that are better matched for their new area.

6. For the Fur Babies

Moving can be challenging for the fur and feathered friends in your neighbor’s home. Plus, admit it, you’re going to miss those floofs too. Put together a lovely gift box of pet toys, all-natural treats, and some calming oils or scents that can be used in pet carriers or on blankets. Both pets and people will truly appreciate it.

7. Group Gift

Neighbors who share a cul de sac, intersection, or dead-end street become almost like extended families. You don’t even have to spend a lot of time together to appreciate them and the fact they are there. When someone leaves, they take a little part of all of you with them. Get together as a group and send them a lovely Thinking of You or Just Because gift to let them know they are still in your hearts and minds. 

8. It’s a Sign

You can help your neighbor make their new house a home with a decorative front yard name and address sign. It adds a sense of belonging to their new place; it can also help in those first few months when things are being delivered to the new home.

9. Traveling Treats

You can take this in a couple of directions. If they have a long drive to their new home, a gift bag of road snacks is such a blessing. It can help fill a tummy void between restaurant stops, so they can make those miles to go before they rest. Hearty and healthy or fun and festive, road trip snacks are sure to please.

You can also give them a Traveling Treat Plate. They can fill it with cookies or brownies and give it to a new neighbor. That neighbor then keeps the plate and forwards it on to another. It’s a great way to introduce themselves and make friends with yummy treats!

10. A Spoonful of Comfort

When their move is complete, and you have heard they are pretty well settled in, nothing says “Good job and good luck!” like a Housewarming Package. As the scintillating soup warms and the artisan rolls are placed on the table, they can break bread together, reminisce about the sweet neighbors they had, and look forward to the ones they are about to meet.