Cookies, Smiles and High-Fives

To kickstart a whole new year of love and sharing, we challenged our good friend Harrison (and his Mom!) to participate in a random act of kindness, and as you can see, they certainly delivered!

Harrison decided that “the world needs more nice,” so he set out with a big box of cookies to deliver a little sweetness to his soon-to-be new best friends. After setting up a sidewalk sign offering Free Smiles (and free cookies!) he made sure to offer every passerby their very own cookie, smile, and, as an added bonus— a complimentary high-five. We love watching everyone’s reaction to Harrison’s contagious enthusiasm, folks went from being surprised to delight in about five second flat, and we dare you not to smile as Harrison learns how fun it can be to spread a little sunshine on an otherwise cloudy winter day.

All It Costs Is A Free Smile

If you’d like to recreate Harrison’s ingenious act of kindness, you’ll need some free smiles, plenty of high-fives, and some seriously delicious cookies. We’re happy to help with one of our Cookie Comfort care packages— all you have to do is pick your combination of cookies: from our classic chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin to our famous snickerdoodle and bakery-style sugar cookies. (Oh, and don’t forget, we offer vegan and gluten-free chocolate chip cookies too!)

Need more direction? Here’s Harrison’s tips for a successful day of Free Smiles distribution:

Number one: Free Cookies.

Also number one: Give free cookies.

Number Two: Be good.

Two (again): Put them in a bag so they don’t get all soggy.

Three: Make sure people smile and give you a high five.

We don’t know about you, but we’re pretty sure his math checks out perfectly. Regardless of how decide to spend the next year, we hope you consider adding a few random acts of kindness to your New Year’s resolutions. You might never get that book finished before book club, and we believe the snooze button exists for a reason, but there’s always time to share a free smile!