Spoonful of Stories: A Heart-Warming House Warming

A Heart-Warming Stories

Searching for a new house. Moving. Sometimes up the street, and sometimes across four states. Starting out with an organized packing system, and ending with boxes full of everything from old cords to priceless family heirlooms. 

Figuring out how to get your favorite couch down a narrow flight of stairs. Deciding that your favorite couch isn’t maybe your favorite anymore, and selling it online while it sits in your new front yard.

Sorting through a dozen boxes in search of enough spoons for everyone to use while eating cereal for dinner. Ordering pizza instead. 

It’s all part of the magical journey of moving to a new house. And despite all the logistical challenges, it’s truly a reason to celebrate— which is why we love sharing these stories, ones that show how a new home is more than just a new address, it’s a life event that brings families and friends together, even from miles away.  


Being There From Afar

When Chelsea heard that her sister Kylee bought her first home after years of saving and hard work, she wanted to be there. As one of six sisters who all love spending time together, she knew that this was an amazing accomplishment worthy of gathering the family together. 

But sometimes life necessitates finding creative ways to recognize big life moments, and when Chelsea couldn’t be with her sister in person, she needed a way to “be” there long-distance. 

Chelsea said that if she could, she’d rush over to her sister’s new place with a homemade meal. A tangible way of showing that she cared by sending support “from my home to yours.” 

Which is why a Spoonful of Comfort care package was the perfect solution for these two long-distance sisters. Chelsea knew all her sister’s favorites—Butternut Squash soup, chocolate chip cookies, and freshly-baked rolls, all of which made Kylee feel a little bit more at home, and she remembers thinking that it felt “super fun and unexpected was to get a gift that filled a need while I figured things out.” 

(Side note: our care packages even come with a cute-but-practical soup ladle, since someones might still be buried in a random box of yearbooks and holiday decorations.)

If you’re able to welcome a friend or family member into a new home in person, it’s easy to show up with a meal made from scratch, or with an extra Phillip’s screwdriver (which pairs perfectly with their favorite flowers and a stack of paper towels, by the way.) But if not, we’re here to send love and care across any number of states, past the couch in the front yard, and straight to both a loved one’s heart and their kitchen. 

As Chelsea picked out her sister’s favorite foods, she knew a little planning could make the distance between her and Kylee feel a little smaller: “I wish I could be there and make her homemade soup. I hope that when she gets this package, she feels like I was.”