One-Pot Pasta & Parmesan Soup

Need a night out with friends or some quality time with a bestie? You might not be able to visit each other in person, but you can still connect with the important people in your life via tech. From Facetime and Skype to Houseparty, Marco Polo, Zoom, and Google Meet, there are plenty of ways… Read more »

10-Minute Alphabet Veggie Soup

The perfect soup for keeping the dreaded “hangry” monster out of the house each evening. This classic Alphabet Soup gets on the table fast, so you can feed your family a healthy meal and still have time for movie night. Want to include loved ones living far away? Let us help. Send someone a care package with one of our very own homestyle soups— it’s just the thing for a night-in spent Facetiming, Zooming, or Meet-uping online with the people you love.