Take Care of Your Accountant

Thanking Your Accountant

Albert Einstein once said, "The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax." Many of us likely agree with Einstein's perspective.

It's hard to deal with taxes. They’re confusing and exhausting. And that's why most of us hire an accountant to deal with it. Thanks to these accountants. Even though numbers is an accountants forte, taxes can tire anyone, accountants included. Wouldn't it be nice to help the accountants that help us in life? Here are some ways to encourage a productive relationship with your accountant.

 1. Keep communication open.

Just like with family members or co-workers, keep open communication with your accountant.

2. Make their work easier.

Save your accountant time (and you money) by ditching paper filing and mess and go with electronic filing and paperless accounting. Create a system to streamline the tallying, sharing, and filing process of your taxes. Simplify, simplify.

3. Understand the basics.

By educating yourself on the basics of State and Federal taxes, you’ll know better that to provide your accountant so they can efficiently file for you. You’ll also be able to keep better tabs on what is or isn’t being filed promptly. It's your finances. Not your accountant's. When you're certain that you're doing the right thing, the process becomes smoother and actions become more effective.

4. Bring them something, a special gift, a meal.

Nothing beats offering your accountant a nice gesture. Sending them a surprise gift such as a letter of appreciation, a card, cake, or a gift can keep their mojo going to power through long hours of number crunching. Greasing the wheel for efficient bookkeeping never hurt anyone. ;)


Spoonful of Comfort offers gift packages that include cookies, hot tea, and chicken soup. Help your accountant power through tax season by sending them one of these stress-relieving meals. You can even personalize your gift package with a handwritten note and inspirational addons like socks, blankets, and pins.