Take Care of Yourself to Take Care of Others

Taking Care of Yourself

Women often feel pulled in several different directions at once. Work (both in and out of the home), friend and family obligations are many, and the hours you have to honor them all seem so few. This is especially true when caring for young children, an ailing family member or comforting a distressed friend. With all of these obligations, the one person that seems to be neglected is you.

Here are 7 ways you can take care of yourself, so you can take care of others.


This is a great form of exercise that has the added benefit of reducing stress. Even practicing a few breathing exercises while at your desk or in the car can ease the strain of a busy day.


Many busy women believe they don’t have time to exercise, yet exercise does more than just tone muscle and burn fat. A daily routine will help increase your ability to concentrate, increase energy levels, and release endorphins to improve your mood and help you face the challenges life brings you.


When faced between with the choice of getting a good night’s sleep or doing tasks for others, many busy women forgo sleep to do housework, make costumes for the school play, or stay by the bedside of a sick loved one. Lack of sleep, however can be dangerous, as it affects your ability to concentrate and make decisions. You may be more of a harm than a help to those you love if you don’t get plenty of rest.

Eat Right:

Mother’s insist their children and spouses eat the right foods to stay healthy and strong. Yet, these same women will skip meals or grab something quick while on the go. Eating right keeps your body nourished and helps fight off illness so that you can be there for those who need you.

Take Time For Yourself:

You can’t go full tilt all the time and not suffer the consequences of burnout. You need to carve a little time for yourself every day to do something you find relaxing. By recharging your batteries, you can make sure you are ready to face the day to day difficulties.

Candles are Relaxing:

Scent triggers memory and scented candles can help you relax. Burn one while reading a book, watching TV or just closing your eyes and thinking about nothing.

Enjoy the Little Things:

Don’t forget to do simple things that will help you appreciate life and your family. Watch a sunset, take a walk, enjoy a field of flowers or spend the day with your children in your pajamas drawing pictures. Life is precious and goes fast; if you don’t enjoy it once in a while you will miss it when it is gone.

Taking care of others is a great way to show your love. But, if you take care of everyone else and neglect yourself, you will become tired and run down, and leave yourself vulnerable to illness. If you get sick, who is going to take care of your loved ones? In order to be there for them you need to take time to take care of yourself.