Thanksgiving Traditions

Fun Traditions

Thanksgiving, observed every fourth Thursday of November, is one of the widely celebrated holidays in our country. This event traces its roots back around 150 years ago when the Pilgrims joined the Native Americans to gather for a successful harvest.

With this holiday being rich in history, many families have created historical family traditions of their own over the years. Here are a few favorite customer-submitted traditions. How do you celebrate?

Bond with family

Whether your family all lives near each other, or you have family members that come from afar, what good is Thanksgiving without family? As you reflect on the real essence of Thanksgiving, consider indoor games or other entertainment to make the most of your time with family. A fun idea to reflect back in future years is to video the family telling everyone what they’re thankful for.

Volunteer at a soup kitchen

You can do many things to share your blessings with those in need. While there are always people in need year around, there is an extra emphasis on caring for others during colder winter months near the holidays. Volunteering time at a local soup kitchen or charity is a rewarding way to bond with friends and family as you help others in need.

Watch football with the family

Family members gathering around the TV to watch a football game and root for their favorite team provides entertainment and bonding. 
You’re free to create your Thanksgiving tradition. What matters is that this holiday would serve as a reminder to be generous and humble; to be grateful for friends, family, health, and happiness.