The Benefits of Business | Why You Should Have a Corporate Gifting Account

Having a Corporate Gifting Account

People love the unique experience of Spoonful of Comfort care packages—and they’re just as appropriate for business gifting as they are for friends and family. (Just ask Sokol Insurance!)

Not only can we offer a memorable gift for your company, Spoonful of Comfort makes planning and sending gifts to clients, vendors, and employees incredibly easy. Learn about our benefits to businesses—you’ll wonder why you haven’t signed up sooner!

Corporate Discount.

Our two most frequent questions from business customers:

  1. Do you offer bulk discounts?
  2. We’re a small company, can we still qualify?

Our resounding answers: Yes and Yes!

Spoonful of Comfort gives businesses of all sizes an automatic discount of 10% off each package, even if you buy just one gift a year. Send more than 100 packages in a year, and we’ll increase your discount to 15% off. Either way, you’ll earn a free care package credit for every 50 gifts that you send. When you request your corporate account, you’ll get an exclusive discount code to use when you order.

Calendar Gifts in Advance.

Our discount might be our customers’ most frequent question, but our calendaring service is our most appreciated benefit. You can send your list of gifts for the entire year to Spoonful of Comfort, and we’ll ship them according to your schedule. You don’t have to call for each order. You don’t have to follow up with a reminder. You just send us a spreadsheet with your ordering information and we take care of the rest!

Creative and Custom Scheduling.

Spoonful of Comfort isn’t just for birthdays or the holiday season. Our care packages are ideal for unexpected moments like acknowledging an illness or sending congratulations. Not only can we help out with last-minute gift needs, we can custom-schedule a gift—like sending a client going through chemo a box of soup once a month for six months. Or keeping a list of recipients at the ready so we can ship out soup the moment a big deal comes through.

Brand Add-ins.

Spoonful of Comfort stands apart as a personal, memorable gift experience. Recipients remember you for sending something so unique. And you can tie it even more closely to your company or brand by enclosing your own materials. If you wish, we can include your business card, company literature, or branded notecard as part of your gifts. Let us know how we can help make these gifts yours.

All-Occasion Options.

We are excited to offer new “occasion” inserts as part of our soup care package options. Beginning in spring 2019, you can select messages (from warm to witty) that make each care package unique. It’s a great solution, especially for companies that may send care packages to the same recipient for different reasons. 

Open Your Company Account Today!

While we’ve answered the common questions about Spoonful of Comfort corporate account, we can’t forget the most important:

How do I sign up?

That’s easy, too. Just give us a call at 877-404-7678. We’ll introduce you to an account specialist who can help you with any needs throughout the year.