3 Ways to Customize Your Spoonful Gift Box

We believe that when it comes to celebrating exciting life events, expressing love, or showing genuine appreciation, a small and personal act of kindness is often the most memorable and the most meaningful. In addition to our care packages, we’ve created a unique collection of thoughtful add-on gifts, carefully chosen to make your gesture extra special. Whether you’re sharing the excitement of a new job or remembering a friend during a difficult life event, we’ve got the perfect extra something for everything and everyone.

Make Dinner a Memory

1. Thank a Friend

For helping you move for the second time in six months after you finally find that perfect space to call home. They’ve been there for late-night painting parties and acted as the perfect event-planner for everything— from housewarming parties to bridal showers. Tell them “thanks” by adding our adorable Because You’re the Absolute Best book to their thank you care package. Each page is filled with funny and inspiring quotes and stories guaranteed to brighten your bestie’s day.

Need to apologize for hauling that enormous dining table from place to place? Sweeten the deal with some of our delicious raw honey as an add-on to their meal. Our unpasteurized wildflower honey is made on chemical-free land and antibiotic free, making it a wonderful way to show gratitude to a loyal friend.

2. Celebrate a New Arrival

New babies mean late nights and busy days, so sending dinner is always a great idea. An even better idea? Sending dinner and an adorable gift for baby. Even the sleepiest moms and dads will love our bib sets, which come in either a pink heart print or blue twinkle star design. Does adding this little surprise significantly up your chance of being the favorite aunt, uncle, or potential godparent? Absolutely.

Want to remind mom or dad that they’re up to the task of raising a tiny human? Send along a pair of “You Got This” socks. They won’t cure exhaustion, but they sure are encouraging. And, the obvious best thing to wear for a dinner-in with baby.

3. Be Extra Kind

To a friend experiencing a difficult life event, especially someone who needs to know you’ll be there for them as they adapt and recover. When it seems like words aren’t enough, wrap your loved one in our soft and cozy blanket designed to warm both hearts and bodies. For grieving friends, walk the path of healing with them through the gift of sympathy. We’ve long loved Healing After Loss: Daily Meditations for Working Through Grief, so send it along with dinner and offer to read alongside your friend, even when you’re far away.

Whatever the occasion, we can help bring love and comfort straight to a friend’s doorstep. And while we stand by our promise that a warm meal and delicious dessert can do wonders for the soul in just about any scenario, we also want to help you make that spoonful of comfort unique and memorable—something that helps your family and friends feel loved and remembered long after dinner is over.

Order your next meal delivery through our “Shop by Occasion” tab, and see our list of suggested add-on gifts at checkout. From fun and adorable to thoughtful and caring, you really can send love from wherever you are, whatever the reason.