The Perfect Holiday Gift

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” Go ahead, start singing. 

Why is this lovely song from Andy Williams so memorable?  I think it’s because the music and lyrics epitomize cheerfulness and gratitude.

And this is the reason for the season: a time when we seek out companionship and celebrating with happy friends, family, and even strangers. This is also time when we’re reminded of the climactic happiness we feel when we give to another a holiday gift. Do you remember the last line of the story, “The Giving Tree”? After all of the tree’s giving it reads: “And the tree was happy.”

The question often lingers: what do I give this year? We give to those we truly love. We give to those we want to give back. We give to those who brighten our lives. We don’t want to simply buy them a present, we want to give them a gift—the perfect gift.

So, where do we start? Where do we look? How will we know what to give? Let us suggest a few ideas for your holiday gifts:

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If you haven’t seen this recent video yet from WestJet Airlines, although not very replicable, it is a great reminder of our desire to give and delight.

Whether you're sending a client holiday gift or a gift for a family friend, the perfect gift will always be a gift from the heart. One that takes thought to produce with a desire to soften hearts and brighten smiles. A gift that is warm, memorable, loving, or reveals your genuine interest in another is a gift from the heart.

The perfect gift is indifferent to cost, time, hassle--it is simply the perfect gift. May we remember to avoid getting caught up in the frantic pace of buying presents and simply make this a time of giving gifts that lift and brighten the lives of those we love. Yes Mr. Williams, it is the most wonderful time of year because it is a time of giving.