The Treats to Cool You Down

Great Summer Treats

Summer is around the corner, and that means that crazy heat is, too. With temperatures expected to rise, everybody would like to find ways to cool down. Here are our favorite and delicious ways to beat the heat!


Popsicles are a convenient way to get a cool treat. Keep your favorites in the freezer for an always-accessible way to cool down.

Shaved Ice

When you want to beat the heat and get out of the house, head for a local shaved ice stand. These desserts consist of finely shaved or crushed iced that is topped with flavored syrup. Shaved ice stands at a local fair can’t be beaten.


There are so many ways to make a smoothie. Start with water or your favorite juice. Throw in a variety of fruits or vegetables for nutritious value. Then, top it off with your favorite yogurt for a scrumptious texture. Want more sweetness? Throw in some honey. Want to tone your muscles? Throw in some protein.


Milk and ice cream form the base of the shake. Ice cream provides the delicious flavor and milk creates a delectable texture. The options are endless. Throw in your favorite flavor of ice cream, or start with vanilla and blend in something tasty like strawberries or bananas. If you’re feeling extra fancy, top off your shake with whipping cream or sprinkles.

Ice cream

Speaking of ice cream in shakes, we saved the best for last, ice cream itself! Ice cream is the most popular frozen treat in the world. Cream and milk make up the basic ingredients of ice cream. Fresh fruits or confections are added to produce varying wonderful and refreshing flavors. Nothing beats Spoonful of Comforts ice cream, or as we like to call it, Pleasure by the Pint. We pasteurize our own dairy and buy regionally sourced nuts, buttermilk, and berries.