The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Get Well Box

Creating a Get Well Box

Illness can be an isolating experience. The worse you feel physically, the more emotionally drained you’ll likely become. To make matters worse, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to interact with your loved ones as often as usual or enjoy the comfort of your routine. 

While rest and the right treatment are often crucial to recovering from an illness, compassion can make a huge difference too. A get well gift box, card, or message reminds us that people love us and want us to get back on our feet as quickly as possible. 

Unfortunately, creating the ultimate "get well" gift can be easier said than done. As a concerned friend or relative, knowing exactly what will make someone feel better isn't easy—fortunately, we’re here to help! 

Here’s everything you need to know about creating a thoughtful gift for anyone feeling a little under the weather. 

Who Should I Give a Get Well Box to? 

Before you start exploring different get well gift box ideas, it's worth considering when it's appropriate to send this kind of sympathy gift. While there are no set rules for who you can give a gift, having the right strategy can help you to avoid some sticky situations. 

For instance, if you're an executive in a business, consider sending a gift box to a colleague you particularly enjoy working with when taking time off work. However, suppose your corporate gifting strategy doesn't typically include "get well soon" gifts. In that case, you might discover sending candy to a co-worker creates a sour atmosphere among other employees. 

In corporate gifts, it's often best to focus on equality. In other words, if you send a care package to one employee, you should be prepared to send one to everyone else who gets sick too. 

This doesn't just apply to business leaders either. For example, if you send a co-worker a bouquet of fresh flowers after their surgery, ensure you know how it will influence your relationship with other team members. 

Outside the business world, you'll have more freedom to decide who you should send a get well care package to. Family members and friends are usually obvious recipients of this kind of gift. Still, consider sending something small to others in your social circle. 

Sending a gourmet gift basket to a neighbor when they're unwell could improve your relationship with the people on your street, making them more likely to show you the same care and compassion. Likewise, grabbing a gift for your child's sick teacher or someone you regularly encounter, like your doctor, could be a great way to showcase your caring and compassionate nature. 

When to Send a Get Well Gift Box

Once you've decided which loved ones and acquaintances you will send get well gifts to. The next step is figuring out the right time to send them. Sometimes, the best strategy is to act fast. For instance, if someone is taken into hospital for emergency surgery, they're more likely to wake up with a smile if they see flowers and cards already sitting by their bedside. 

Depending on the hospital, you can get a present dropped off via same-day delivery, even before you can visit that person yourself. 

If you plan on delivering your get well box in person, you'll need to be more careful with your timing. If someone is suffering from a contagious illness, the last thing you want is to turn up at their door and walk away with the same sickness yourself. 

Additionally, many recovering from illnesses and injuries won't necessarily want to see visitors immediately. Suppose you're concerned the person you're giving your gift to might feel like they need to clean their home and "host" you on their property when they're not feeling their best. In that case, waiting a while to deliver the perfect gift is a good idea. 

Alternatively, you can reduce the risk of encountering a problem by sending someone a get well box or gift card in the post, complete with a heartfelt message designed to lift their spirits. 

Can You Send a Get Well Box to the Hospital?

If you plan on having a great gift delivered to someone in the hospital or recovering from surgery, remember there may be some specific rules to follow. While many companies today will work with you to deliver a hospital care package to a sick loved one, many hospitals and rehabilitation centers have specific guidelines. 

It's worth contacting someone from the hospital to determine whether they allow gifts to be delivered to patients in the ward where your friend or family member is. Some specific wards may prevent deliveries to reduce the risk of patients being exposed to allergens like dander, latex, or nuts. 

Additionally, you can sometimes find information online from certain hospitals, which will cover their gifting and delivery policies. However, in most cases, it's best to keep things basic when delivering a gift straight to the hospital to avoid problems.  For instance, avoid products containing common allergens in case other people are exposed to them. 

Fruit or simple snacks like crackers or rolls might be a good alternative to chocolate and candies. Think about the condition of your loved one carefully when choosing your gift too. For instance, they may have difficulty digesting certain foods or you may need to avoid products containing common allergens in case other visitors are exposed.

If a food-based gift basket isn't an option, you could always consider filling your care package with other items, like a card, a book to keep your loved one entertained, or a pair of cozy socks to keep them comfortable when they're lying in bed. 

How to Curate a Get Well Box

There's no one-size-fits-all strategy for curating the perfect get well care package

Like most gifting strategies, the path to success starts with being thoughtful. You probably already have plenty of personal information about any loved ones or friends you're sending gifts to. However, suppose your gift recipient is someone you don't know as well, such as a colleague or co-worker. In that case, it might be worth researching what they like. 

For corporate gifts, consider getting various employees and co-workers involved in putting together the best gift package with items you know the person loves. Consider the person's current situation, as well as their likes and dislikes, to tailor the package to the occasion. 

For instance, if someone is recovering after giving birth, you could send them a bundle of baby-related items, like essential oils for a relaxing bath, baby growth, and soft toys. Here are some other quick tips you can use to make sure you curate the perfect gift box:

  • Do your homework: Collect as much information as possible about the person you're giving the gift to and the rules you'll need to follow when sending your gift. Are there any specific restrictions you must consider when sending a gourmet gift basket to a hospital? 
  • Think about the condition: Remember to consider the person's condition and what will help them feel better at this specific time. For instance, some comforting soup might be great for someone struggling to eat well after surgery or when recovering from an illness. 
  • Send the right message: Sometimes, the perfect gift is made even more meaningful with the inclusion of a special message. A heartfelt sentiment from a friend or loved one can make anyone feel better, even when dealing with significant pain and discomfort.
  • Personalize it: Make sure the gift is meaningful to the person who's going to be receiving it. Although flowers, chocolates, and snacks are great gifts, you can always make them more special with a personal touch. Choose the person's favorite food rather than bundling together a selection of assorted items. 

What are Good Get Well Gifts?

Any care package can greatly impact someone who isn't feeling their best. But, as mentioned above, even the simplest gift reminds a sick individual they're loved and cared for. That extra warmth and compassion go a long way when feeling dreadful. 

However, if you want to create the perfect gift box for your sick friend, loved one, or colleague, there are a few ways you can ensure you're sending the right message. First, personalizing the gift to the needs and preferences of the person who's going to be receiving it is always a good idea. It shows you've put time and effort into creating the right gift. 

Secondly, choosing gifts that make sense based on the situation can be extremely helpful too. Here are some great gift ideas that would make the perfect addition to a get well care package. 

Comfort Items

Discomfort is a common part of being unwell. Whether you're recovering from surgery or dealing with an illness, comfort can seem like a difficult thing to achieve. Sending your loved one a gift basket with common comfort items could be a great way to keep them cozy.  

For instance, you might send someone an ultra-soft blanket and pillow to keep them feeling as snug as possible when sleeping in a hospital bed. You could bundle up a fluffy pair of socks and some slippers to protect their feed from cold floors on the ward. Or you could send heating pads, hot water bottles, and eye masks for a better night's sleep. 

Sources of Entertainment

Being unwell isn't just miserable and exhausting. It's often boring too. Although your friend or loved one might spend a lot of their time sleeping when recovering from an illness, there will be times when they feel listless too. Sending them something that will help to keep them entertained is a great way to keep their mind active, even while their body rests. 

Magazines, books, puzzles, and even portable game systems can all be a godsend to someone who feels too unwell to do normal activities. Think about what your recipient most enjoys doing, and send them something related to their interests. 

Food and Snacks

Although you might need to be cautious about the food you send someone in the hospital or recovering from an illness, snacks and meals can be a great gift. After all, when we feel unwell, we don't always have the energy to cook for ourselves. In addition, many people struggle with their appetite when they're poorly or find it difficult to decide what to eat. 

Try and tailor the food items to what you think your loved one will be able to eat at this exact moment. While chocolate might seem like a great idea for someone with a sweet tooth, it might not be ideal if your friend feels extremely nauseous. Make sure the food is easy to eat and nutritious. For instance, if someone needs soft food after surgery, soup packed with veggies full of vitamins and minerals could be a great choice. 

Self-Care Products

It isn't just your stomach that needs nourishment when you're sick. Sometimes your skin and hair can suffer as a result of illness too. Self-care products that help to eliminate issues like chapped lips and dry skin can help to make your loved one feel more comfortable. 

Consider sending bath oils when your loved one feels up to a relaxing bath, or stick to simple options like face masks and lip balm. When creating your self-care gift box, remember to consider the person's preferences when it comes to things like scents and features. For example, avoid overwhelming smells if someone's feeling nauseous too. 

Cards and Messages

A handwritten card might not seem like much of a gift initially, but it's one of the most important things you can include in a get well gift box. After all, a card is your opportunity to share a heartfelt message about how much you love and care for the person in question. In addition, you can use it to send all of your good wishes to your recipient with a personal touch. 

Sometimes, just letting your friend or family member know you’re thinking about them can mean the world to someone who isn’t feeling well. Plus, this extra note can be particularly impactful if you don’t have the opportunity to visit the patient in person. 

What Do People Need When They’re Sick?

The best get well gifts are often personalized, situationally relevant, and practical. They don't just show the person in question you're thinking about them. They also actively help the individual recover from whatever illness or ailment they face. 

With this in mind, it's worth thinking about what your recipient will benefit from most when they're feeling unwell. Here are some of the top things people need most when they're sick and how you can tailor your care package to suit those needs. 


Whether recovering from surgery or tackling a pesky illness, plenty of rest is one of the most important things any person will need to get better. While you can't force someone to rest with a gourmet gift basket, you can make it easier for them to enjoy a crucial repose. 

Delightful gifts like blankets, socks, and pillows can help a loved one to relax when they're struggling to sleep due to pain and discomfort. Consider combining your physical gifts with a few little acts of kindness. For instance, visit your friend's house and tackle some chores for them when taking a nap, such as cleaning up, washing clothes, or cutting the grass. 


Even though it can be difficult to eat and drink when sick, your body still needs plenty of vitamins and minerals. That's one of the reasons food makes such a great gift for unwell people. When your loved one doesn't have the energy to make a meal, you can provide them with a simple, nutritional alternative. 

Researching the best soups for when you’re sick can help you to whip up a nutritionally-balanced meal that's easy for your loved one to eat and digest. If you know the person you're giving your gift box to is having difficulty eating, you might stick to simple, smaller snacks. Cookies and crackers could be ideal for someone who doesn't want to eat much. They're small, lightweight, portable, and brimming with mouth-watering goodness. 


When sick, they need plenty of emotional and practical support. Letting your loved one know you're there for them by sending them a heartfelt message, calling them on the phone, or even setting up a video chat can be extremely useful. 

Offering other forms of practical support can be extremely helpful too. For instance, you might offer to pick up your loved one's medications from the pharmacy if they have difficulty getting out of bed. You could also offer assistance with various other daily activities, like running errands or purchasing items from the supermarket. Ask your loved one what they feel they need the most help with, and look for ways to give your support. 


As we mentioned above, being sick can be boring at times. This is particularly true when recovering from surgery. You may feel fine but cannot move around and do the activities you'd usually enjoy. If a friend, loved one, or colleague is recovering from an illness or injury, consider how to keep them entertained. 

Simple strategies, like texting them updates about what's happening worldwide, can help them feel less isolated. Contacting a person regularly is also a perfect way to remind them that someone is thinking about them. You can also add sources of entertainment to your care packages, such as a journal, book, crossword puzzle, or something similar. 

How to Personalize A Get Well Box

Gifts are always more meaningful when they're personalized. There's a big difference between receiving random flowers in the mail and having your favorite daisies hand-delivered to your door. Fortunately, making a get well-soon basket feels more personalized and doesn't require much effort. Here are some great ideas to get you started:

  • Add a card, letter, or message: A card or letter you've written yourself will always make a gift basket feel more special. Write about how much you care about the person, and tell them you're sending your best wishes. You could give them something to look forward to by sharing what you can do together when they recover from their illness. 
  • Make the gift yourself: Consider experimenting with homemade self-care gift ideas if you feel creative. It's relatively easy to create candles, bath bombs, and face masks at home with your friend's favorite ingredients. Also, consider baking cookies or making your loved one a delicious soup from scratch. 
  • Choose all their favorite things: If you struggle with making things yourself, you can still make a gift basket feel more personalized. Make a list of gift ideas based on what you know the person loves, and build your gift box around it. For instance, if you know your friend loves cooking, you could send them home-made soups, recipe cards, a new apron for the kitchen, and a handful of other goodies. 
  • Ask them what they need: get well gifts aren't the same as Birthday presents. You don't always have to guess what your loved one might want. Talking to the person and asking them what they'd like to receive from you can be extremely helpful. This can also help you to avoid making the mistake of sending them foods and treats they might not be able to eat straight away. 

How Else Can I Show Love And Support When A Friend Is Sick?

A get well-soon box or gourmet gift basket is an excellent way to show compassion and care when your loved one is sick. But it's worth remembering you can do much more than give a great gift. 

Offering consistent support while your friend is recovering can be an excellent way to show them how much you value them. Be a listening ear, and remind your friend you're there for them, so they're less likely to feel isolated if they're stuck in bed for days. Offer to help with practical tasks like running errands, cleaning the house, or cooking meals. 

You can even help the person you care about find and access the resources they need to improve. For instance, you might help them with messaging doctors or therapists or assist them in collecting medications when they're too sick to go out. 

Another option is to be a source of motivation. For example, encourage your friend to eat healthily, even when their appetite is poor, and remind them to get plenty of sleep. Let them know they don't need to feel guilty about taking time out to recover and inspire them to show patience for their recovery. 

How Can Spoonful of Comfort Help Me?

Nobody likes being sick. Recovering from an illness or injury can be a horrible and often miserable experience. But receiving a gift box brimming with practical, comforting, and heartfelt items is a great way to make anyone feel better when they're unwell.

Here at Spoonful of Comfort, we make it easy to deliver get well gourmet gift baskets straight to your friends and loved ones when they need them most. Our care packages are designed to soothe, hydrate, and comfort those in need. You can send your loved ones delicious cookies to snack on when they're not feeling particularly hungry and containers of warming soup or mac n' cheese. 

Plus, our bright and cheerful packaging, combined with your personalized message, will surely bring a smile to anyone's face. Check out our wonderful collection of Get Well Soon packages today, and get the perfect care package delivered straight to your friend or loved one. 

Together, we'll have your nearest and dearest feeling their best again soon.