This Brunch Box Makes The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever

Brunch Box For Mother's Day

Imagine this: Mother’s Day brunch at the neighborhood’s cutest café, and you’ve got the place all to yourselves. No reservations necessary, no long waits for a table squished in the corner, just you and your mom (and maybe a favorite sibling,) spending time reconnecting and enjoying the morning together.

Or maybe your best friend and her partner are spending their first Mother’s Day together as new parents. You know they’d love to get out and celebrate, but it’s a challenge with a new little one, so they decide to spend the morning together at home enjoying a gourmet breakfast— without ever needing to leave the house for ingredients.

Good news! Both of these sounds-to-good-to-be-true scenarios are now completely possible. No really, we promise. With our brand-new Rise and Shine Brunch Box, you can send someone the perfect Mother’s Day gift, and you can do it while sitting in bed looking at your phone, or from your laptop during a commercial on Hulu. (If you are someone who is so organized that you order your Rise and Shine package while sitting fully dressed at perfectly organized desk next to a vase of fresh flowers, we are really happy for you but we might not be able to relate personally.)

What makes the Rise and Shine box the best Mother’s Day gift ever?

Each care package includes:

  • Buttermilk Pancake Mix
  • Organic Maple Syrup
  • Gourmet Hot Tea
  • An adorable double-decker Teapot and Mug
  • Crisp Tea Towel for extra fanciness

Our Brunch Box can transform every home into that cute neighborhood breakfast spot, turn even the most sleep-deprived new parent into a pancake connoisseur, and helps anyone celebrate Mom, even when they’re far from home. Most importantly, a Rise and Shine box gives everyone a chance to spend some time celebrating their Moms, Grandmas, Honorary Moms, and all the women who help shaped and nurture us into adulthood. 

Let us help you celebrate Mother’s Day your way, because Mom is important, just like a cup of hot tea in the morning and a plate full of (almost) homemade pancakes. 

We promise not to tell if you sent Mom her care package while still in your pajamas.