This Sunshine Box Is the Best Summer Gift You've Ever Sent!

The Sunshine Box

Summer may be the season of relaxing by the pool and sending the kids to run through the sprinklers before bedtime, but it’s also the perfect time of year to send someone special a box full of love and sunshine. Maybe your best friend just moved across the country to chase the job of her dreams, or your sibling plans on spending the summer applying for grad-school. Did your hard-working folks finally retire to that cute little house on the lake? Make their day with a box bursting with sunshine!

Whether it’s as simple as celebrating a summertime birthday, or as exciting as commemorating a big life event, we’re serious when we say our limited edition Sunshine Box is the best summer gift you’ll ever send. What makes it so fantastic? Easy: it’s full of every cheerful, citrusy, sunshiny thing we could find, all packaged up and ready to brighten someone’s day. 

Each box includes:

  • Sweet-sipping Sun Tea 
  • Daisy-topped Mason Jar Mugs (perfect for sipping tea on the porch…)
  • Sunshiny Straws
  • Raw Honey & Wooden Dipper
  • 1/2 Dozen Lemon Cookies (the perfect amount to share with a friend, or not…)
  • Lemon Journal (perfectly designed to help someone remember a wonderful summer…)
  • 1 Fresh Lemon 
  • Personalized Note Card 

This truly is a dose of sunshine in a box, guaranteed to delight the opener, and a creative way to send a little love this summer! So, make your list of summer birthdays, new babies, almost-grown-up kiddos spending their first summer away from home, or anyone who might appreciate a little extra sunshine, and get ready to make these summer days last a little bit longer with a Sunshine Box. Happy brightening!