Throw Out the Old & Welcome in the Healthy with This Detox Box

Healthy Detox Box

With a fresh New Year now here, it's time to tuck away the holiday gift wrap and simplify life. Head back to the gym. Start that diet. Dial back the drinking. You know, the usual. 

And if there is one thing we know about this time of year, it can feel lonely. After all of the merry making of the holiday season, the cold silence of winters starts to settle in. And you suddenly find yourself staring down a month of resolutions and routines so blah, it can start to feel bleak. What better time to reach out and share warmth with someone you adore?

We're always looking for simple, unique gift-giving ideas and this DIY Detox Box, complete with a bottle of water, cozy candle and homemade bath soak was begging to be made and shared. So easy, you can prep it in minutes. So pretty, it's a guaranteed mood booster--for you and the recipient. Turn on the mellow spa music, fill your kitchen table with beautiful smelling essentials oils and give yourself a moment to make, create and breathe. Then wrap it all up and share all those good feelings again. DIY Detox Box for the win-win-win.

Whether you've got a friend celebrating a new milestone, facing an unexpected bit of stress, or one who simply deserves a little de-stress time, this simple DIY Detox Box is the perfect way to say I see you, I support you, and I'm here cheering you on.

Life can be busy. So we wanted this gift to be grocery-store simple. Aimed to use basic supplies you can readily find at most grocers or superstores.

When selecting items for your box, stick with a basic color theme. We went for lighter, more natural colors. Greens, greys and golds. Though any color is beautiful, the finished basket really does look lovely when all of the pieces coordinate.

Shopping List:

    • Gift Box or Basket (we used a wooden box, available at most craft stores, we found ours at Michael's)
    • Box Filler (we used white paper shred, available at most craft stores)
    • Candle
    • Box of Tea
    • Bottled Sparkling Water (we found ours at Whole Foods)
    • Small Card
    • Pint-sized Mason Jar (we purchased ours at Michael's Crafts)
    • Small Tag for Jar
    • Twine for Jar (available at most craft stores, we found ours at Michael's)
    • Epsom Salts (we found ours at Whole Foods, but any drugstore or grocery store should carry them near the bath or vitamin section)
    • Essential Oils (we found ours at Whole Foods, but any drugstore or grocery store should carry them near the bath or vitamin section)
    • Fresh Herbs (optional)

With supplies in hand, it's time to pull this package together! Here's how to make a relaxing bath soak in minutes.


Total time: 15 minutes

    • 2 cups epsom salts
    • essential oils
    • fresh herbs, minced

Combine all together in a large bowl, gently stirring until essential oils and herbs are well mixed. Package and enjoy.

To use: Simply dissolve 1/4 cup of so into a hot bath. Enjoy!

Select Your Scent:

Though there are countless combos you can create with your Bath Salt blend, here are a few of our favorite mixes:

    • Stress Blend | 4-6 drops each lavender, lemon & sage
    • Breathe Blend | 3-5 drops each eucalyptus & peppermint
    • Mood Booster | 4-6 drops each frankincense, lemon, peppermint
    • Body Love | 3-5 drops each peppermint, eucalyptus & fresh ginger
    • Peaceful Slumber | 6-8 drops each chamomile & lavender

Pour your scented bath salts into a gift bag or pint-sized mason jar. Tie a tag on, add a sprig of fresh herbs, dried lavender or eucalyptus. And tuck all of the goodies together in a box.

This beautiful box is about as easy as homemade gifts can be. If you're feeling a little stressed out yourself, double up when you shop, and give yourself a Detox Box, too. You deserve it!

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