Tips for Picking Good Gifts for Administrative Assistants

What Makes Good Gifts for Administrative Assistants?

good administrative assistant is the premium oil that keeps your company’s well-oiled machine working well and moving forward. They keep you on track and handle things behind the scenes that you don’t even know need handling.

If you are one of those lucky souls who has an amazing administrative assistant, show them how much you appreciate it. A small gift for your administrative assistant lets them know you notice their efficiency and expertise and says “thank you” in a fun and useful way.

Good gifts for administrative assistants should have meaning and relevance. A gift of Titleist golf balls for your executive assistant who has never set foot on a course sends the wrong message, but a first edition of On The Road to a Jack Kerouac fan speaks volumes.

Administrative assistant gift ideas should be:

  • Creative
  • Personal
  • Fun
  • Practical
  • Thoughtful

Things to Consider When Choosing a Gift for Administrative Assistants

What to give as gifts for personal assistants should be considered carefully, but you can keep it simple using the “who, what, when, where, and why” method.


Include everyone in the gift-giving. Not everyone has the same budget, so you can collect funds by passing an envelope in which people can anonymously donate. While an administrative assistant usually reports to a single supervisor, they keep an entire office running smoothly, making everyone’s job easier and even more productive.


Choose something meaningful and personal to show you see them as a significant person in the company, not just another employee. Gift ideas to follow!


You may think that anytime is a good time to give or get a gift, but that’s not necessarily the case. Some people can be vibrant in their job but prefer to do it without extra attention. Others may love a big presentation and will cherish it as part of the gift. Make sure you understand their personality type before deciding when to give the gift.


This consideration goes hand-in-hand with the question of when. Will your executive assistant be comfortable being presented a gift at a staff meeting, or is it better to leave it on their desk to enjoy at their leisure? Perhaps work isn’t the ideal place, and you should have it sent to their home. Choose the setting that will make them feel the most comfortable.


Matching the gift to why you are giving it is important, too. Buying them lunch “just because” is great, but gifting them a simple lunch after working tirelessly on a stressful three-month project is not cool. Big job = big thank you. 

The Importance of Gifts for Personal Assistants

The boss needs travel plans made. HR needs help getting insurance info out. They are there to help with distribution. Copier toner needs? Does anyone else know how to replace the cartridge?

It is easy to overlook everything a good administrative assistant does because they do it so seamlessly. That’s why gifts for administrative assistants are so important. It lets them know you appreciate the magic they perform at work.

Great Administrative Assistant Gift Ideas

Looking for ways to show support for your incredible administrative assistant? Five great gift ideas to consider are:

  • Self-care kit: Filled with luxury soaps, lotions, essential oils, fuzzy socks, eye masks, and other pampering pleasures, you can give the gift of relaxation.
  • Spoonful of Comfort care package: From soups, rolls, and cookies to lotions and lip balms, Spoonful of Comfort has something for everyone. They even have vegan and gluten-free choices available.
  • Fruit infusion water bottle: It is important to stay hydrated, and these fruit infusion bottles enable your administrative assistant to make nutritious and delicious water all day long. Cucumber mint, kiwi strawberry, and super citrus are all great combinations, but the options are endless!
  • Personalized desk organizer: If your administrative assistant is “a place for everything and everything in its place” kind of person, they will LOVE a classy desk organizer.
  • The gift of time: One of the greatest gifts you can give is a day off. Do it as a surprise or let them choose the day to meet their needs. Either way, it is a wonderful way to show you care.

Say More With Corporate Gift Giving

Most people won’t remember the raises, but they will remember when someone did something special. Corporate accounts make this super easy to do. Sign up for your free Spoonful of Comfort gift-giving corporate account today.