Top Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Parents

Best Anniversary Gifts

Mom and dad have weathered it all: highs and lows, scrapes and fevers, celebrations and consolations. And through it all, they have managed to navigate their path and share their love. They are the beacons you can turn to when you need a guiding light.

So when it comes to celebrating the day they officially started their life together, you want a wedding anniversary gift for parents that says more than “here’s a gift card, have a great day.” You want gift ideas that speak from the heart and show them how much their love means to you.

Personal Touch

One of the greatest ways to show you care is to include a personal touch on your wedding anniversary gifts for parents. You can order all kinds of custom-printed items online or add the gift of your time and ingenuity by making something at home.

Wedding Memory Shadow Box

With the gift of a handmade shadow box, you can take those wedding mementos out of the box in the attic and create a loving and beautiful display for their home. You can include keepsakes like:

  • Wedding invitations
  • Photos
  • Party favors
  • Pressed flowers
  • Special decorations

Choose a frame and backdrop that match the colors of their special day. If you have the tools and are handy with woodwork, you can even build your own shadow box frame.

Printed Pieces

Printing has come a long way. You can now put your beautiful mug on cakes, cookies, and more! You can also add your parents' names and anniversary date to candles and throws. You can even personalize M&Ms as a fun party favor!

Commemorative Gift Basket

Gather lovely remembrances of their special day. What was their song? Did your mom carry yellow roses? Add a few long stems to the basket, or better yet, include a yellow rose bush they can plant and enjoy forever. Throw in a copy of Bobby Vinton’s “I Love How You Love Me,” or better yet, find a vinyl record on eBay and have it framed.

You can also include copies of the top movies, books, candies, and drinks your parents enjoyed at the time. This may take a little investigative work, so combine that with some lovely luncheons and enjoy time together before their anniversary.

Practically Perfect

Some “experts” say you should never give practical gifts like a vacuum cleaner or a weed whacker, but what if that is what they really want or need? Sometimes these gifts may seem odd or outrageous, but they can give the gift of peace of mind. And let’s face it, there comes a time when parents can be hard to buy for!

Giving the gift of a new septic system may not be romantic, but it sure is helpful. New doors and windows may seem mundane, but when they keep mom and dad cozy and safe, they can mean a lot. This is particularly true if your parents have been together for many years and are now on a fixed income.

Some other practical and potentially perfect wedding anniversary gift ideas include:

  • House cleaning service
  • Lawncare and snow removal
  • Pet grooming
  • Monthly car wash subscription


Live and In-Person

The greatest gift you can give is your time. This is not only a great wedding anniversary present idea for parents, but it is also something you can work on every day of the year. Make the most of your time and create great memories with these tips.

Relive a Family Vacation

Did you go to a certain cabin or campground every year? Or do you have some awesome childhood memories? Things change, so you may not recreate a trip exactly, but do your best and incorporate new experiences. Mom and dad will love watching the kids and grandkids make new memories.

Take in a Show

Hit the town and take in a live concert, a new movie, or maybe hit a comedy club. Make it an overnight stay or a weekend getaway and enjoy some fine dining and sightseeing. Wedding anniversary gifts for parents can be minutes and memories, not material things.

Outdoor Activities

Spend a weekend at their place and spend time planting some outdoor enhancements. Help out with a luscious landscaping project, or perhaps they’d like a couple of fruit trees planted. Creating or adding to perennial gardens can bring color and vitality to their yard year after year.

Food and Family

A good old family get-together is perhaps one of the greatest wedding anniversary gifts you can give to your parents. Have it catered or make it a potluck—whatever works. Feed the fam by bringing a delicious gourmet gift basket of soup, rolls, and cookies, and add a blue-ribbon pie for extra sweetness.

Even if life gets in the way and you can’t physically be together, you can still have a fun evening of sharing stories and eating comforting food in an online forum. Send mom and dad Spoonful of Comfort’s Italian Wedding Soup gift package, order one for your family as well, and then set up a time to eat together over Zoom. Lots of laughs, great conversation, and virtual hugs are nice, too.

On their anniversary, add a Spoonful of Comfort to make it super special whatever you decide to do for your mom and dad.