Turn Soup into a Witches’ Brew for Your Halloween Dinner

Halloween Themed Dinner

Halloween is around the corner once again. That means trick-or-treating for kids and parties with family and friends. While there’s always plenty of candy and chocolate to go around, it’s nice to have something savory and nutritious to even up the scales. Treat yourself and your kids to a bowl of warm soup after a chilly night of trick-or-treating. If you’re having a party, make a steaming hot bowl of soup for revelers to dip into.

To keep with the spooky theme of the holiday, call your soup “witches’ brew” and serve it up in a faux cauldron. Here are a few more ideas for executing your Halloween-themed soup night.

Bone shaped breadsticks.

These are easy to make and fun to eat. Start with your favorite breadstick recipe, or make things even easier by buying ready-made dough at the supermarket. You can use pizza or bread dough. Make sure to thaw it for a few hours in advance of your designated preparation time. Then, simply divide the dough into long, thick strips and shape them into bones. Brush them with butter and Parmesan cheese if desired, then pop them in the oven. In a few minutes, you have the perfect accompaniment for a chicken noodle or tomato and basil witches’ brew soup.

Mushroom skulls.

Buy a package of large button mushrooms. Clean them with a damp cloth or mushroom brush. Using a paring knife, carve out circles on the mushroom tops that will serve as the eyes and nose of the mushroom skulls. For the teeth, simply carve some lines under the nose. These make the perfect garnish or topper for your warm witches’ brew soup.

Even dinner can be fun and exciting on Halloween. With a few extra minutes of preparation, your supper spread can help get everyone in the Halloween spirit.