What Parents Should Do to Have Better Communication with their College Children

Better Communication with Your College Children

When children go to college, they enjoy some level of freedom from their parents. Some communication may be lost between parent and child because of the distance and their hectic schedules. To help you communicate better, here are some tips for parents and their grown up kids.

Let Go of Your Children

One of the things that young adults don't like is an overbearing parent. The same applies with communicating with them. You may have all the means to call, text, IM or FaceTime, but you need to give your child some space as well as the freedom they need. It may sound counterintuitive, but give space to your child to better improve your chances of communicating with them.

Respect Their Privacy

If you find your child in the middle of a conversation on social media, think before you chime in. They may always be your child, but they are an adult now. No child wants to be embarrassed by an intrusive parent in the presence of their friends, in real life or on social media. 

When your child leaves the nest, you can still make him or her feel loved. You don't have to call them every hour. Instead, send them a college gift package of Spoonful of Comfort’s best. It's a simple but heartfelt reminder that you care and miss them while they are starting their own path in life.