What to Do in the Summer

Things To Do In The Summer

With Memorial Day right around the corner, this signifies one thing that people are excited about - that summer is near. Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer because it signifies that temperatures are on their way up and days of being stuck inside the house are on their way out. 

Here are a few customer-submitted favorite ways to enjoy warmer temperatures.

1. Do some art

Take in the beautiful scenery of warmer weather and paint your next master piece.

2. Go kite flying

Get the kids outside and take in some sunshine as you fascinate the little ones with some kite flying. All you will have to do is to find a wide open space like a park or beach. Let the feeling of freedom take over.

3. Get into a water fight

What better way to cool down from increasing temperatures than a water fight with the family? Now that it is hot, it is time to get together with a load balloons with water.

4. House cleaning

Something about warmer temperatures brings a desire to clean. Empty out the closet of old clothes, tidy up the bedrooms, clean the garage of winter equipment, etc. Open the windows and let the warmth of summer penetrate your home.

5. Go on a scavenger hunt.

Another great way to have fun with the family is a scavenger hunt. Double-down on outdoor fun and have the scavenger hunt at your favorite park, beach, or campground. Award the winner with a cool prize. Literally cool, like Spoonful of Comfort’s ice cream gifts

6. Take a dip in the pool

Hit the backyard pool or head to the community pool to take a dip and beat the heat of summer. While in the pool, you and your family can organize relay games or have races.

7. Have a picnic

Summer is definitely the best time to have a picnic with your friends or family. Just put together a simple meal with some salads, sandwiches and some drinks. Just about any meal works. What matters is that you get to bond with your family or friends.


If there is one thing that summer brings to everyone is that it lets everyone enjoy the outdoors. What’s your favorite summer activity?