Why Spoonful of Comfort

BRADENTON, Fla. -- You know the feeling of being away when someone you care about is sick, hurt or just needs a little comfort. Now, in the age of everything “fast”, Spoonful of Comfort returns to the proven traditions of “slow”, and allows you to send old-fashioned chicken soup therapy, without making anyone wait. In fact, with one call to Spoonful of Comfort, loved ones can be fed the very next day.

Each morning the Spoonful of Comfort kitchen simmers with award-winning chicken noodle soup made from all natural ingredients. Every attention to detail is taken to ensure that each of the high quality ingredients is the freshest available and that additives, chemicals and preservatives never mask the fresh tastes of nature.

Every jar of Spoonful of Comfort soup is carefully made in small batches to draw out the best flavors and ensure superior taste. It starts with delicious all natural broth made from a delicate blend of spices and herbs. Then, large white chunks of free range chicken mix with fresh organic vegetables and thick pasta noodles in a soup that will cheer up anyone.

After the soup cooks slowly in small batches, four to six servings are carefully transferred to a 64 ounce old-fashioned Mason jar and immediately cooled to maintain freshness. At the same time, made-from-scratch rolls and homemade oatmeal raisin cookies are baked to complete the gifted meal. In addition, Spoonful of Comfort will offer seasonal comfort products for any occasion to enhance any shipment in the coming months.

When an order is made over the phone or internet, the cooled jar is personally decorated with a large bow, placed on iced gel packs and tightly wrapped in temperature control material to ensure that the soup arrives at the desired location still cold and free of negative impact. Early in the company’s history, months of research and a sizeable investment was made to resolve strict packing standards as safety has always been a critical priority.

It is clear that every step in the Spoonful of Comfort process is designed for excellence, a fact that is easily recognized in the packaging. The company’s passion in this area has led to creative touches of thought and care in every box. Once the soup is wrapped for freshness it is carefully placed alone or with rolls, cookies and additional comfort accessories. Decorative crinkle paper fills the remaining space and protects the food items from shifting during delivery. An artistic layer of beautifully designed paper and a personal handwritten note on a custom card are positioned to be the first things seen as the box is opened by the one needing a pick-me-up. Then, the box is hand sealed and secured for air delivery to any U.S. address. At a price similar to flowers, Spoonful of Comfort is receiving raving reviews from recipients.

Spoonful of Comfort creates comfort in the form of old-fashioned, award-winning chicken soup, rolls, cookies and seasonal gifts. Prepared fresh daily, packages are delivered anywhere in the U.S. with next-day service available to anyone in need of a little comfort. A portion of each sale supports a variety of charitable organizations and foundations.